stripes and dots?! oh the horror!

  i wore this outfit to work a few friday’s ago.

blouse – vintage, thrifted
cardigan – not sure
belt – vintage, thrifted
trousers – anthropologie

and because we had casual dinner plans later that evening, i switched it up a bit…

i’m kinda diggin how creepy and awkward this photo is.

my son, once again, was the creative mind behind these pictures.  he’s turning out to be quite the little photographer.  (wink wink)

as much as i’d love to keep these items in my wardrobe, i’d really like to sell them in the shop!  so, in honor of stripes and dots and mixing patterns, i’m selling them together…as a set!

i will try to list them this evening or tomorrow, along with a few scarves that i’ve been meaning to post for weeks.

stay tuned…






8 thoughts on “stripes and dots?! oh the horror!

  1. you totally should keep it!! i love the stripes and dots together. and the wide leg trousers look awesome on you. and you only look slightly creepy and awkward in that pic :) i laughed out loud when i read that!

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