now we’re friends in “real life”…

this past sunday, i had the pleasure of spending the day with annie of little ocean annie!

annie and i started chit chatting via etsy at the beginning of the year.  we opened our shops around the same time and quickly became pals.  i asked her questions about packaging, we emailed back and forth about blogging and we even exchanged vintage pieces from our shops!

i dig annie’s style…from vintage pieces to thrifted dresses and purses…she always looks simple, yet chic and absolutely adorable!  her blog is a must-read, as well.  she writes about fashion, DIY projects and food!  what’s not to love?!

if you haven’t met her yet…here’s annie!
(this was not taken the day we hung out.  i stole it from her blog.)

on sunday, we met at a local starbucks before venturing up the 101 to ventura.

aside from being a quaint little beach town, ventura’s main street is packed to the gills with antique/thrift stores, sidewalk cafes, bars, and independent ma and pop shops.  i thought it would be the perfect place to spend the day walking, talking, eating and thrifting!

btw…in case you’re wondering…annie didn’t come out to california just to meet and hang out with the likes of me!  her and her hubby are on a roadtrip from el paso (where he was working and they were living for a short time) to portland, oregon…where they will settle down and get comfortable.  turns out her husband has family that live in the same town i live in, so…it made sense to meet up.  and i’m so glad we did!

i forgot my camera, but annie certainly didn’t forget hers.

she got a few shots of me at a community thrift store…

among a sea of pink t-shirts, i found this embroidered, denim bag!  a few minutes later…annie found it’s sister!  a smaller version.  (one of which i will keep and one that will go in the shop!) 

annie is so funny.  she titled this one “here she is working her magic.”

i think it’s 1/2 magic, 1/2 luck.  (wink wink)

anyway, for those of you who love thrifting and searching for that diamond in the rough…you know how addicting it can be!  i think we went to 5 shops that day.  all were great, but two.  the last one, a goodwill, was SO bad.  we were laughing and making fun as we perused the racks.  (you probably had to be there…)  anyway, as horrible and dirty as it was, we both walked away with a couple great items.

aaahhhh…i could thrift with annie all day long!  she was a great partner.  but alas, it was time to head home.

we wanted to take some pics by the beach, but we couldn’t find any parking.  so we ended up snapping a few shots closer to (my) home.

(i must suck at photography because annie posted several pics of me, but only two of her pretty little face!  sorry annie…i’ll work on my skillz and get ya back next time.)

aren’t these photos great?!  i love the background…blue sky, pretty golden and green fields…good job annie!

i’m wearing:
tank top – urban outfitters
pink bralette – american apparel
weaved belt – thrifted
navy blue high waist trousers – thrifted
owl necklace –

and annie, looking all kinds of sass…

annie, thank you so much for a relaxing, fun afternoon.  i really do plan to visit oregon one of these days and when i do…you’ll be the first to know!

(to read annie’s version of our day, click here.)

more blogger meetups in store this summer!
(with jaimee of crabtastic and christina of second skin)
so excited!

oh!  and please go visit annie’s shop on etsy.  once she gets home and settled…that girl will have a shitload of dope things to sell!

as for me, i’ve slowed down a bit.  i have a closet full of dresses and tops and boxes full of scarves, purses and shoes; however, it’ll have to wait, as i have too many social obligations in the coming weeks.

you’ll see…(wink wink)

until next time…



ps.  click on the photos for a larger view


6 thoughts on “now we’re friends in “real life”…

  1. hey girl HEY. now whose the creep? first comment style. Sooo fyi before you buy: I’m visiting portland & seattle this summer with the Manfriend [his bff {haha} and his sister] at the beginning of august.. if you happen to make it up there around then as well, that might just be flipping fantastic. Just saying.. ;)

    Ps you better be putting the big bag on etsy. mama WANT.

  2. These photos are awesome! I love that you both bonded over your shared interests via the web and were able to hang out in person! So amazing ;) You both look so adorable in that last grouping of photos! You have such similar styles and I love both of your outfits!

  3. What a fun looking day!! And the photos of both of you are fantastic! I love the cacti in front of Annie in the top one and and off centered looking to the side one of you! Well they all just turned out so good! So great!

  4. Love that you girls got to hang out together and thrift. Thanks for sharing! It’s always nice to see the camaraderie that comes from a love of vintage, thrifting and blogging! Not if only other bloggers ever came to Hawaii…

    Great blog!

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