i had a fantastic weekend!

*i met a new friend…

(this is scott…WrW’s best bud from texas.  they went to college together and were in the same fraternity.  scott is a cool dude.)

(saturday – we ate brunch, sat around the pool, played clue, drank beer, ate cheese dip and chips, watched a clockwork orange, and said DUDE! a lot.)

*sunday, we ate yummy cuban food…

(we enjoyed sangria and fried yucca.  the main course was yellow rice with peas and chicken.  mmmmmmm)

*i got smooched…

*my son even got to be a dude…

(he’s playing warcraft on WrW’s computer.  such a dude.)

*we even snapped a few test shots…

…because we’re trying to find a new, permanent location to take photos.

what do you think?

how was your weekend??

i have another amazing weekend coming up!

i love summer.

i posted new items in the shop this evening.  take a look!

more tomorrow!




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