etsians unite!

i’d like to announce the awesomeness that is…

the etsy register!

 the register is a place where etsy shop owners, buyers and style bloggers can come together and share inspiration, camaraderie, and a mutual love for crafts, handmade goods, vintage and fashion!

 this is an ALL INCLUSIVE blog, so come on over, take a look around, add the register to your blogroll and stay tuned for blogger/seller highlights, how-to’s, DIY tutorials, giveaways and much much more!

while several peeps originally collaborated on this idea, there are two ladies who took the reigns and made it happen…

 Annie of Time Enough for Drums
Annie of Little Ocean Annie

thanks annies!

in other exciting news…wait for it…wait for it…

 i’m featured on the register today!

 annie (of little ocean annie), put together a “getting to know you Q & A” post introducing…

 i appreciate the exposure and hope to gain a few new readers and maybe even make a few sales in the shop!  and guess what??  i’m starting to notice that i have a little following!


 thanks friends…i appreciate the comments and the support.

don’t forget! between monday and tuesday, i added 17 new items to the shop and plan to add a few more this evening!

barefoot & vintage on etsy.

ps.  i may do another post this evening…i’m wearing a super cute vintage dress today and if taylor is in the mood, i’d like him to work his magic.



STOP THE PRESSES!  merl, thanks for reminding me that the etsy register is based on an idea that our lovely christina thought up!  (that was a DOH! slap the forehead moment.)


4 thoughts on “etsians unite!

  1. yay!!! i was so excited to see you get interviewed today and to get to know you a bit better. and i can’t wait to see the new digs for the shop!

  2. Hahaha the annies corrected me when I gave then shout outs on Twitter so I figured I’d better give Christina props when I mentioned it on the blog. Bee tea dub..I’d appreciate you flying your private jet up to get me so that I can join in the festivities this weekend. Please n thank you.

    Ps congrats on being the first feature!

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