it’s taco night!

i have been so busy this week!

monday and tuesday night, i spent the majority of the evening posting…to the blog and to the shop.  (17 new items…yay!)

so tonight, as soon as WrW gets to my house (he’s stuck in LA traffic), we’re making tacos and watching season 3 of LOST.

it seems so simple, a night such as this, but really…i find that i need it so bad.  i need a little downtime with my boys, on the couch.

and who doesn’t love TACOS?!

anyway, as soon as i got home this evening, taylor took a few photos of me that i will be sharing with you peeps, tomorrow.

i then posted a couple new items and caught up on some internet socializing.

i proceeded to NOT sit still by sweeping the kitchen, cleaning up the living room and throwing some dishes in the washer.

finally…finally, taylor convinced me to sit still long enough to take some silly photos in the mac photobooth and play a little battleship.

ps. i won!

enjoy our silliness and go make your own!

or just sit on the couch like a bum.

taylor says, “peace out.”




4 thoughts on “it’s taco night!

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. photobooth will amuse me for hours on end. specially since now you can record video using the effects. Same thing happens with anything shiny..

    Ps teach me how to wear a head scarf without looking like a poser.

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