inspiration information

taylor and i had a lot of fun taking these photos yesterday!

at one point, he asked me to twirl and jump up and down…that kid cracks me up.

here i am, about to take flight!

it’s almost the freakin’ weekend!!  tomorrow evening, i embark upon an adventure to visit a new friend.  i’ll be sure to come home with lots of photos and stories.  i’m so excited!

btw…have you heard the song inspiration information??  it was originally done by shuggie otis in 1974.  however, more recently, sharon jones and the dap-kings covered it on the album compilation – dark was the night.

you have got to check out this dope tune.  it’s a feel good song with lots of funk and soul.  gare-uhn-TEED to put a spring in your step a swing in them hips, guuuurrrrl.

what the heck…go buy the album!  it’s a good one.  you won’t be disappointed.

have a great weekend!



i am wearing…
vintage dress – borrowed from barefoot & vintage

(not in the shop YET.)
navy blue belt – thrifted
vintage purse – also borrowed from barefoot & vintage (for sale!)



*all photos by taylor*

**Please note – i must give credit where credit is due…my friend ashley gave me a handful of vintage items (from her personal collection) to sell in the shop.  as much as i’d like to take credit for finding this amazing dress…i did not.  thanks, ashley! 



11 thoughts on “inspiration information

  1. whoa lady you are freaking gorgeous! you need to keep this dress, the color is perfect on you! and your hair is so pretty too. you’re gonna have to get that son of yours in some kind of photography classes. anyway, have a blast this weekend! i wanna see pics :)

  2. I agree with amanda — you are so freaking gorgeous! I think I’m most jealous of your hair, actually. The color is just so pretty!

    I love that dress, what a find!

  3. you don’t even know how good I would be as your miniature evil twin. I was basically born for the job. Now.. if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to stalking you on facebook.

    • right?!

      thank you, ladies, for all the nice comments and compliments! this dress is spectacular…i probably should wear a few more times before i sell it! ;)

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