ladies who lunch

as some of you may know, i’ve spent the last two days with christina from second skin.
we’ve thrifted, chatted for hours, and sat on the beach in tahoe.
…but more on that later.
i’m headed home to los angeles.  back to work, back to the daily grind.
i promise to share more photos and stories later!

the outfit i’m wearing is 100% thrifted.  (rest assured, the underwear and bra are mine.)

i am not usually an accessory girl.  in fact, christina has been coaching me a little bit this weekend.  i’m learning folks.  bear with me.
that being said, check out this dope BOLO. um, when is the last time you rocked a bolo?  1991?  i had several…no joke.
for more bolo action, go check out haiku ambulance’s bring back the bolo campaign.

our last night together.  *sigh*
christina was an amazing hostess.  i adore her husband and son and can’t wait to get to know them better.
i am walking away from this weekend with a new friend, someone who i will remain friends with for years to come!  (we’re already discussing our next trip/weekend of fun…possibly in LA!)

aren’t we silly?

cheers to making new friends!

bottoms up.




7 thoughts on “ladies who lunch

  1. how fabulous do you two look?!?! love the bolo. sadly i never owned one back in the day but my brother had several. love the sweater too. you guys look like you had a total blast!

  2. Um- you have literally made me the happiest woman on Earth. Although I am dreadfully envious of that there bolo you found (is it a phoenix??!)… I am thrilled that someone joined the campaign!

    Bolomania is so totally official now.

    And it looks amazing on you- especially with your gorgeous easy, breezy outfit.

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