pine trees on the beach

here i am, standing on a beach in lake tahoe.  christina and i headed up there on sunday afternoon…starbucks in hand, a blanket, the warm sun, and good conversation.  what more do ya need? 
i was thrilled, as it was my first visit!
me=awestruck … it was absolutely breathtaking.

imagine lying on a warm, sun soaked beach and then looking across the lake to see snow-capped mountains.  *sigh*  beach and mountains all rolled into one quaint little town.  i kinda wanna live there.  or maybe i’ll retire there when i’m old and white (i say white because apparently redheads don’t go gray.  we go white.)  i’d have no problem being the eccentric old local who wears flowy hippie dresses and reads palms or something like that.  hee hee…

  it was such a relaxing afternoon.  thank you, christina, for taking me to tahoe!  i enjoyed our time at the beach. 

i’m wearing: 
western blouse – thrifted (while visiting christina)
watch – thrifted
belt – thrifted
skinnies – local boutique
sandals – target

ps.  thank you so much for reading my blog.  the comments on yesterday’s post were brilliant and reflective and confirmed that i’m not alone in my desire to share my life with strangers…regardless of who “gets it”.  keep the comments coming!  i love to hear your thoughts and opinions and i like reading your blogs, too!  also, i’m not able to comment as often as i’d like because i can’t access the comment feature on blogspot, via my work computer.  bummer. 
but please know that i’m reading and enjoying your outfits, your funny stories, your vacation photos, your rants, etc etc…



*photos by christina*  


10 thoughts on “pine trees on the beach

  1. What a sharp outfit this is! Bordering on menswear is probably my favorite border ever.

    And it’s also nice to know that I’m not the only blogger who still has a full-time job.

    Let’s retire, shall we?

  2. lady you look amazing in those jeans!! and i love the top knot! sadly i can no longer do that with my shorter hair. but you do look super great. that blouse is an awesome color on you. i’d love to be a red head. sigh. and you’re right, that place does look a little bit like paradise. i could so park my airstream there and live like a hippie too. we could be hippie neighbors!

  3. Every time Christina has outfit pictures outside, I cry a little. I just want to live someplace like that so bad! I live in Miami, where it’s just hot and flat and boring. Lake Tahoe sounds beautiful, and I definitely want to visit some day.

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