home is where the heart is.

folks, this is the last “paige visits christina” post…sad, huh?
but not that sad!  i will see her again, soon…and we’ll take more lovely photos, i’m sure. 
the only thing i regret is that we didn’t take many candid photos of the two of us.  her dad snapped a few at the parade, but who knows if i’ll ever see them.  ah well!  next time. 

  christina took me to a parade on saturday am, that both her husband and son were participating in…it was so cute!  i haven’t been to a small town parade in ages.  i grew up in IL…in a pretty rural area.  i’m used to the small town feel of life and i must admit…i miss it.  like, really miss it. 

lucky for me, i’m headed back to IL next month!  i’ll spend a week with my mom and grandparents, maybe try to meet up with a few friends from high school…i can’t wait!

my mom even said the cutest thing on the phone the other day…
“honey, i’m hoping we can go shopping at some of the thrift stores…you know, for your shop.  we can ship stuff back if we have to!”
how adorable and supportive is that?!
my answer was hell yes!  there are tons of old peeps in the area…the vintage should be plentiful.  fingers crossed. 

i miss my mama.  i only get to see her once or twice a year…if that.  i miss my whole family, actually.  we were all really close when i was growing up.  everyone lives there except my dad and i.  (we’re in california, duh.)

needless to say, even though i’ll have to deal with humidity and bugs…home is home.  i always get this super excited, nervous feeling in my tummy.  even as i write this…i’m getting jazzed at the thought of going back.  yay! 

how cool are these photos??  this old building was the perfect backdrop for a nostalgic, small town, “we just went to a parade” feel.  (go check out christina’s photos, too.  i took them of her!  she looks so purdy.)

after the parade, we did massive amounts of thrifting.  let me tell ya, that girl is sitting on a goldmine of stuff.  i was in shock at the items that were sitting there, ready to be plucked from the racks by girls like us…it was ridic!  and the deals…oh my, the deals.  one store offered 1/2 off everything in the store OR 15 items for $15.  i found some dope stuff at that one.  including an incredible pair of vintage anne klein II navy blue (very) high waist pants…i die.  so did christina.  they are freaking incredible.  just wait…i’ll show you one day soon. 

as if it couldn’t get any better…
we stopped by a salvation army and found the best deals.  i got two pairs of boots for 75 cents each!!!!!  can you imagine??  they were originally $10.  (i scoffed at that.  man, i’m getting cheap.)

we squealed and high-fived in front of the whole store.  turns out all yellow tags were priced at 75 cents.  no matter what the item! 

it was magical.

after that, we needed to eat.  she took me to a hole in the wall for mexican food.  delish!

    i had so much fun!!  the small town feel, the connections that were made, the abundance of vintage, the mountains and blue skies…sigh.

(christina, don’t worry…i’ll call you before i show up at your house with my belongings, son, and WrW in tow.  we’ll be one big happy family!  wink wink) 

what about you, friends?  are you a country bumpkin or a city slicker??

i’m country at heart. 

ya’ll come back now…ya hear?


i’m wearing…
vest – from a local boutique
skirt/dress – target
booties –
sunnies – mossimo @ target 


5 thoughts on “home is where the heart is.

  1. first off, you look gorgeous! love the skirt turned dress and the boots! this is a great look on you. and the photos in front of that old sign look fab. i am pretty jealous about those deals of which you speak. my fav store here has half price wed. and i’ll get stuff for $1.50 or $2 but that’s no 75 cents! how awesome! i hope some of these treasures will show up in your shop? surely you’re not keeping them all to yourself, huh?????

  2. The background is so cool – it’s like your posing in front of a giant canvas! I love your little vest. You and Christina are such accomplished vintage shoppers.

    xoxo, Ashley

  3. You look great! It amazes me the wide spectrum of prices that are at thrift stores… I think I sit somewhere in the middle with our thrift stores. I could handle lower prices I(duh..) but I would never trade the content….

  4. I see you use the term WrW a lot. What exactly does that mean? I know you’re referring to your husband, but what do the letters stand for?

  5. I’m so glad you posted about the feeling you get when you go home. I live far away from most of my family as well and it is always such an amazing feeling to be going home.

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