“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

i hope you’ve all had a great week!

what’s up for the weekend??

i’ve got a pretty full one, myself…

*going on a little hike after work and then headed to WrW’s for a relaxing evening in.

*another blogger meet up on saturday!  the lovely jaimee of crabtastic invited us to her daughter’s 3rd bday party…can’t wait to meet her!  (here’s how we connected.)

…and then saturday evening, WrW and i are planning to see invasion of the body snatchers at the cemetary in la.  we’ll take a picnic, maybe some wine, lay out the blanket, and get creeped out.  i can’t wait!  has anyone seen it??

*sunday…gonna relax with my pops and have a nice dinner with the fam.

i’m wearing…
navy linen dress – thrifted
red obi belt –
courtesty of christina
necklace –
dear golden vintage
wedges – cathy jean

the linen dress was thrifted from salvation army for $6!  i love that it is so simple and the silhouette is super flattering…i can dress it up, dress it down, and wear it all year long!

my little photographer.

have a great weekend, friends!



ps.  the title is a quote by leonardo da vinci


6 thoughts on ““simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

  1. Oh it looks like it’s gonna be a busy weekend! Wish you luck!!! I’ve found you through Christina lately :) And I’ve added your blog into my blogroll! And I loved the simplicity of this outfit… You’re very right about simplicity&sophistication!!! You look great!!!

  2. This outfit is SO SOOOOO pretty and simple and sophisticated with just the right amount of special details! and you look gorgeous! Oh! T is such a great photographer! You have a winning combo with him! and such a handsome young man! I can’t wait to meet him! That body snatchers thing sounds so much fun! How spooky and cool! I hope you have a fun weekend!

  3. i love that you are posting more daily outfits because you are just so fantastically pretty! i love this dress and you are totally wearing the crap out of it! in a good way, just in case that sounded bad. it fits perfectly and i love the necklaces and the obi belt. the movie night sounds so fun! especially with a bottle of wine, man i’d go for that! too bad it’s only 12:30 right now. anyway, hope you have a great weekend!

  4. The embodiment of sophistication.

    This is gorgeous and the silhouette is ridiculously flattering.

    I love that your son is your photog :)

    Annnnd- you’ve given me hope for my red obi belt that I find to be super loud. This is stunning. And I thank you.

    Have a great weekend as well, that sounds like a blast!

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