no fair…

my son leaves for spain on monday morning!  he’s going with my dad and stepmom and another couple and their two kids.  he’ll be gone for 3 weeks…with a quick hop on over to paris to see the eiffel tower.


no doubt i’ll miss the little guy, but what a great opportunity for him!

i can’t wait to see pictures and hear stories of his adventures.

since he won’t be around to take my photos, i’ve decided to jump on the tripod bandwagon and do it myself.

i guess they turned out okay.

using the timer on the camera was comical.  i kinda wish i had a way to show you how ridiculous i looked.  ha!

running back and forth, switching poses right before the photo was snapped, tripping over patio furniture…i even used props!  i took the watering can and held it over the plants, like i was watering them.  hahaha!  i LOL’d when i viewed the pic.  it was just…so unnatural.

ah well…trial and error, right?

the belt and lace top in these photos are two of my fave clothing items…ever.


none of the pieces are thrifted.  (eek! gasp!)

i haven’t always been thrifty, my friends.

i’m wearing…
lace blouse – urban outfitters (from waaaaay back)
weaved belt – anthropologie (again, waaaay back)
skirt – nordstrom
shoes – report, nordstrom

thanks for stopping by…

i’m off to do fun weekend things!

enjoy your day.





7 thoughts on “no fair…

  1. Your tripod experience sounds so hilarious!! The watering can!! I have tried things like that too and sometimes they do actually work out, but usually I just feel ridiculous! Keep doing new things though! You are bound to find more great things that do work, but I gotta say, THESE SHOTS ARE INCREDIBLE! You look absolutely SMOLDERING HOT! I love the lace top and the black skirt together and that belt is the stuff that dreams are made of! Your little spot is way cute and your new relationship with your tripod is going to spell a whole new way of blogging for you! Be careful, taking your own photos is addicting! In a really weird fun and self indulgent way. Kinda like g rated masturbation or something. Maybe I have just revealed too much! I better stop right now.

  2. “Kinda like g rated masturbation or something.”

    god i love her. and this outfit on you? sex on a stick. it helps that your eye fucking the camera in that second photo. that’s a merl patented term bee tea dub..

    Is it the end of July yet? sheesh.

  3. I love this so much (btw I didn’t have computer access over the weekend if you couldn’t tell) and can see why those are two of your favorite items. They’re two of my favorite items too, and they aren’t even mine, soo….

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