q&a with pineapplemint

as you may already know, there are a plethora of etsy shops that i drool over on a daily basis…

one of them, is pineapplemint!

kim, the head lady in charge over at pineapplemint, is a great gal…we found that we have many things in common…from thrifting to growing up in the midwest!  turns out we both grew up in illinois and she lived in california for a short time, as well!  it’s such a small world. 

after reading her blog for a couple months, i decided to take the plunge and ask her if i could feature her shop and do a little q&a.  i couldn’t wait to pick her brain about thrifting, vintage, her shop, and a few other random things. 

she answered my questions and then some…


1. How long have you been selling vintage and what prompted you to start?
I’ve been selling vintage on and off for probably about 10 years, though at first it was casual and stemmed from vintage wearing. The great thing about vintage is that many pieces hold or increase in value, so I’ve always cycled things in and out of my wardrobe. Selling was a natural progression from wearing and loving vintage. Most of the early stock in my Etsy shop was actually from my personal collection that I’d been hoarding for years.

2. Love the name – Pineapple Mint. What’s the story behind it?
When I was looking for a name for my shop, I glanced around the room I was sitting in. On my table was a Pineapple Mint plant, and I figured the name was as good as any. I should note that this plant is now dead thanks to my black thumb, though I try not to view it is as a bad omen.

3. If I may ask…Is selling vintage a fun hobby or a means to pay the bills?
That line is kind of blurry, since I like doing it so much, but I definitely view it as a vocation and rely on the income from it.

4. Why Etsy over Ebay or Market Publique?
I actually sell on Ebay and Market Publique as well. I don’t really care for Ebay, though it is useful for selling the offhand newer piece. I am just dipping my toes into Market Publique and I will say that I am really impressed with their helpful staff.

5. If you could give other Etsy sellers (new or seasoned) ONE piece of advice for running their shop…what would it be?
It is hard to come up with just one piece of advice, but I think it’s always best to go with your instincts. If you work hard and trust your gut, you will likely have good results in anything you do.

6. When thrifting, do you have a plan? Are you looking for specific items?
I definitely have a pattern. I always go to the shoes first and then work from there. I also cast a pretty wide net in terms of which stores I visit. I have certain rounds that I make and I go to a huge variety of places. I keep a little book with all the stores in about 100 mile radius from where I live with all the pertinent info plus my own remarks! Rarely am I looking for specific items, though. Whenever I have something I want to buy, I almost never find it. Thrifting just doesn’t seem to work like that.

7. What is your favorite era?
Hmm, that kind of depends. For clothes I really love the 1960’s and the 1980’s. The 60’s stuff is just so cute and always makes me smile. I am really into 1980’s stuff because it is abundant and you can find many high quality, wearable pieces of it. 80’s vintage works well because it can be really subtle so you can wear vintage without looking too costume-y.

For shoes I love everything! Boots are my one weakness (I own probably about 15 pairs myself) and I will always snatch up boots from almost any era. I really love old shoes from the 1930’s and 40’s, though they are so rare and lovely that sometimes I think they ought to be for decoration only.

8. Do you incorporate vintage into your own wardrobe?
I don’t wear as much as I used to, though almost all of my shoes are vintage as are my bags. Nowadays I am eager to sell most of the pieces I come across, though I do have a few things squirreled away for myself. I do have lots of pairs of vintage boots, which I wear all the time and couldn’t imagine parting with.

9. Do you think the vintage trend will ever go out of fashion?
I don’t really look at it as a trend because it’s something I’ve been into for almost all of my life. I think there are always going to be people who appreciate the things of bygone eras and will want to incorporate them into modern life.

10. Do you have a favorite Etsy shop?
It’s not vintage, but my absolute favorite shop is Yokoo. I adore her sense of humor and her style. She’s so clever and talented!

11. Finish this sentence. Vintage is … ?
Oh man, I cannot come up with an answer to this without sounding cheesy! Vintage can be anything you want it to be!

12. Which came first? The chicken or the egg?
I’ve always leaned toward the chicken.

13. What do you do when you’re not blogging and thrifting?
Lately I’ve been pulling up a lot of weeds and I’m usually engaged in at least 5 knitting and crochet projects. Right now I am making lots of little toys for all the pregnant ladies in my life, of which there are a lot. I also really like reading newspapers. I am pretty boring.

14. What is the most amazing vintage piece you’ve come across?
I really like hunting for clothes and shoes, but my major love is furniture. I worked for several years in furniture and interior design, and I get super excited about looking for old furniture. Several years ago, I saw this amazing couch at the St. Vinny in Los Angeles. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy it, so I left. That sofa was on my mind all night so I rushed back there first thing the next morning to buy it. Imagine my horror when I saw that the SOLD tag bore the name of my friend’s boyfriend, who was also my nemesis*! Sometimes I still go to his Flickr to admire the couch that should have been mine. Sigh.

*He is no longer my nemesis.

how great is this interview?!  love it.

i also asked kim to provide me with a few of her fave items in the shop…

vintage 1960s cream brown and camel a line dress – $36

1980s delicate cream lace spaghetti strap dress – $42

vintage tall minnetonka fringed brown suede moccasin boots – size 6 – $65

orange woven leather open toe slingback huarache sandals – size 7 or 7.5 – $27

and here are my faves!

dream on if you’re thinking of buying that navy striped shirt…i bought it!  (as if i really need another striped shirt…)

oh and guess whaaaaa-aaaat??  if you purchase an item from pineapplemint, come on over to barefootandvintage to get 50% off any item in the shop!!
**use code pineapplemint at checkout**

i ain’t lyin’.  word.

also, in the coming weeks, i will be revamping the shop.  which means, deactivating every item, rephotographing/styling, and then reposting.  i’ll be throwing in some new items as well!   

so head on over and check it out before the shop goes on vacation!

and please don’t forget to “heart” pineapplemint on etsy and add her blog to your blogroll!  she’s funny and interesting and an all around cool chic. 



ps.  this q&a will also be featured on the etsy register


7 thoughts on “q&a with pineapplemint

  1. Such great questions and such a lovely girl! I will (or maybe should not) check out her shop right away (or not at all if I want to save some $$!!) Her stuff is so cute! Great interview!

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  3. Great interview! I’m loving all this Etsy Register stuff!

    Your last comment on my blog CRACKED me up! Of COURSE I like you! What’s not to loooove?! I hope to be opening a shop soon; with our new house purchase, I’ve found all my spare time devoted to cleaning, painting, and decorating–not that it isn’t fun, it’s just consuming my life! Soon enough though, we’ll be all settled in and I’ll open the shop! Yayyy!

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