long skirts – i’m a leg up

you guys, my son left for spain yesterday.  he’s gone until july 8th.  *pout* 

what am i gonna do with all this free time?? 

typically i get kinda lazy. 

as soon as i’m a “single” person and can do whatever i want and don’t have to be anywhere or make dinner for anyone or be a MOM…my brain turns to mush.  i eat cereal for dinner, the dirty clothes pile up, i catch up on a lot of tv, i sleep in til the last possible minute…wait…i always do those things.  hmmmmm…maybe i should fly to vegas and party my ass off.  now that’s what you do when your kid is out-of-town!  (if only i could keep my eyes open past 1130…)  


i really dug this get up when i left the house in the morning.  but by the time i got home and started snapping pics…i was disappointed.  ever have one of those days?  the photos don’t turn out right, the outfit looks a little too disheveled and overall…you just look kinda haggard.  

ah well.  the only positive thing?  my hair is kinda big.  i think i was channeling amanda.  woot! 

i’m trying to find a good spot for etsy photos.  in a previous post, i mentioned a great area in WrW’s loft, but it’s not very convenient for changing clothes.  not only that, but it’s an open area and lots of peeps walk in and out.  and as much as i like showing my naked body to strangers, he just moved in, so i’ll wait a few more weeks before i start walking to the trash room, topless. 

you know, i’m kinda diggin the long skirts.  i guess it’s “in” or about to be “in” or something like that.  fyi…about me – i don’t read fashion magazines.  i’m not up on what’s about to be HAUTE. so if the long skirt thing is about to get BIG…well then i guess i’m just that cool and accidentally fell into a possible trend. *shrug* 

another thing you should know about me.  i like long skirts and prefer them to shorter skirts and shorts because, well…i don’t like my legs.  there, i said it.  now you know.  funny thing is…as “vain” as it may be for me to post pictures of myself on the internet, it has actually helped me get over that insecurity.  and trust me…it hasn’t just been a small insecurity.  for years now, i have worn jeans and pants in 100 degree weather because i don’t want people to see my little tree trunks, not to mention my friends have to hear this on a regular basis, “how do my legs look?”  

so guess what ladies?  i’m gonna rock the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS out of long skirts this summer.  and so should you. 

i know what you’re thinking…”paige, i’m short.  long skirts make me look shorter.”  or maybe you’re thinking…”um, long skirts are too conservative and not sexy at all.” 

well guess what?  i’m barely 5’3 and…this little number got a lot of nice compliments. 

so if you care to know, here are my tips for looking good in a long skirt:
1.  choose a skirt that is 2 to 3 inches above the ankle.  avoid floor length or ground skimming.
2.  shoes – sandals are fine, but for a sexier, elongating look…wear wedges.
3.  a high waist with a fuller skirt creates a flattering silhouette.
4.  i would suggest a solid color skirt.  patterns are fine too!  but if you’re short, skip horizontal lines.  look for chevron stripes…they’re great for tall and short peeps, not to mention it’s a great vintage pattern!
5.  for the top – if wearing a solid colored skirt, maybe choose a floral pattern tube top or bustier.  if the skirt has a pattern on it, i’d go with a solid color tank, tube top or t-shirt. 
6.  jewelry – i’m always a less is more type of girl, so i’d wear a long statement necklace or several layered necklaces.  i wouldn’t get too heavy on the jewelry, but that’s just me.  i like a simple look. 
7.  going out for the evening?  switch from wedges to heels, add a belt, and throw on a cute cropped cardigan or blazer. 


check out tamia over at the style sample (this chick gives good fashion) and of course…her hotness…zoe…of haiku ambulance.  

clearly, my ladies, i am not a pioneer…just a messenger and adoring fan of the long, flow-y skirt that hides my favorite imperfection.  expect to see many this summer…and well into the fall with boots and sweaters.  

okay…until next time… 



i’m wearing…
blouse – anthropologie
skirt – barefoot & vintage inventory
shoes – steve madden
necklace – vintage, thrifted
legs – mom and dad (boo, hiss)


14 thoughts on “long skirts – i’m a leg up

  1. Great great post!! I love your tips and I LOVE the yellow with the gray! You do not look disheveled! Quite lovely actually! AND I am happy to hear that you are embracing your stems! (Also, loved your pics you sent me last night! Sorry! I actually just remembered that you emailed me that since I got ti just before I went to bed! They look great though! not too color distorted, very clear shots! good choice!)

  2. love me some big hair! and i do love the long skirt. i just bought a dress that is longer and i’m gonna try to wear it as is without chopping it to bits. i’m just afraid of how it will make my legs look as my calves are literally bigger around than my thighs. yeah, i’ve never been a huge fan of my legs either so i totally get you. and hello, you need to be wearing yellow like everyday. so very pretty on you!

  3. Oh don’t worry about the photos, we got the main idea!!! :) I loved the gray with the bold yellow! I think you should definetaly go to Las Vegas and have fun for me too :D Haha! And I’m 5’2 and this post encouraged me to wear a long skirt! Thanks for the tips Paige!

  4. Hey! That’s me! Awesome!

    I think you look amazing here. That bright yellow just looks stunning underneath your red hair! I love that contrast. And the skirt is just perfect. Btw- are you like the tannest red-head ever or what? Dang gurl.

    I bet your son misses the shit out of you too.


  5. I love the yellow and gray color combo. I’m definitely into embracing longer skirts this summer. I love a bohemian vibe for summer. Now I just have to find and purchase said skirt. Also, I can totally empathize with loving your outfit in the morning and hating it by the time you get home. It didn’t change… so why does this happen?!?! Always so discouraging. I guess sometimes the camera is your best friend but also your worst enemy. For every set of fantastic outfit shots I get, I also get a set of total duds. Just the way the cookie crumbles…

  6. I love, love, love this outfit! I think yellow and gray are one of the best color combo’s ever (as do a lot of others as evidence from your comments). And with your hair color … so lovely! I would love to wear long skirts, but I am even teenier than you so it would probably not work. I will try though. Thanks for the great advice!

  7. Hi gorgeous.

    seriously your hurr, that bright yellow, that divine light grey and your stupid tan (<–I'm just bitter because I haven't been out enough to accrue a base tan, so I just burn whenever I step outside) girlfriend, I bow to you. I'm proud that you've learned to love your pegs.. as soon as I get my ass back into shape, I'm sure I'll learn to love some body parts as well. I guess I'm partial to the girls, since they can get me out of a speeding ticket, get me free drinks and distract boys while steal their money.. wait what?

    do you think the Midwest can handle two redheads in a month?

  8. This is a beautiful outfit. I love the length of the skirt and I love the colors.

    Since my daughter is only 15 months, I can’t imagine being away from her for more than a few hours. I imagine my brain would turn to mush, too. :)

  9. Hehe this post makes me laugh because thats exactly what I said to you about the other post. you rocked this look and I never could, I’m way too midgetty.
    Maybe I will try…………… Wait do I have to have long hair too? Damn too bad… (YES! I found another excuse! muahahaha)
    I have a lot of days when Im leaving the house feeling awesome and get home thinking UGH why did I put this on? and why did I take pictures, why is my hair all stupid? DELETEEEEEEEEEEEE. thank you for posting even if you werent really satisfied, but honestly hunny, u look fab. don’t sweat.


  10. I love fashion blogs but all of these girls are so long and leggy… I’m 4’11 and a half. (The half is very important when you’re under 5’0 tall.) So many things don’t work for me. I’m happy I finally found a petite style blogger! And I love long skirts… even if they make me look shorter! Your yellow top is fabulous by the way. :)

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