guest blogger: morgan and lua

Hi! I’m Morgan from Morgan and Lua. Paige asked me to put together a guest post this morning because she’s without internet! No internet at home or at work. That may be the worst possible news a blogger can get, so I signed up to help her out.

Circa 1962

A little bit about myself:

I currently live in New York City, although you might not know that if you visited my blog. I’m out of the city almost every weekend! I have a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix named Lua who comes everywhere with me, including to work. I date a red headed boy who lives in Maryland. Ok, ok strawberry blonde.

Along the Scallops Edge & Sunshine Girl

I started blogging March of this year! Etsy is a gateway drug. I stumbled across it searching for some vintage gifts around Christmas time. From there, the world of blogging opened up to me and a full blown obsession ensued.

This Place & Perpetual State of Travel

I try to incorporate at least one vintage or handmade item into every outfit. My favorite vintage pieces tend to be from the 60’s. I’m trying to find my own personal style through all this. Writing, taking pictures, and the amazing blogging community has certainly helped.


This is my most recent outfit. My boyfriend Kev and I spent the weekend at the beach. Sunday morning we woke to a sky thick with fog. We grabbed some breakfast, ate at the beach, then headed to the park with Lua and took some pictures on this old boat launch.

Gap Chambray Shirt, Madewell Striped Top, JCrew Pants, Minnetonka Moccasins from DSW, Vintage Necklace from Jess James Jake, Vintage Clutch from Tree & Kimball Market

Paige sends her best and wishes she could have been here with a margarita for every one of you! Or maybe that’s me.


Thank you so much for letting me guest post Paige! And thanks to everyone else for reading. I hope you enjoyed it!

Best, Morgan from Morgan and Lua

p.s. I love redheads.