la mer d’amour

hello!  remember me?

i’ve missed you ladies!  (and gents, if i have any.)

my internet was misbehaving, so i had to get it fixed.   and now…i’m under the weather.  in fact, i left work early so that i could nap and rest up a bit.

i wore this little number to work on tuesday…it elicited one ridiculous comment.

“you look like you’re going to church to confess your sins.”



i happen to really dig this dress.  the belt was obvs made for it.  don’t you think?

i listed it in the shop!  it’s yours if you want it.

click here for more photos and information.

the necklace is pretty dope, too.  unfortunately, it’s not for sale.

the front of it shows a picture of a mermaid and what appears to be a hunky, buff man.

the back was inscribed:

Valentine’s Day
La Mer d’Amour
The Sea of Love

how beautiful is that?!  i feel like i have a little piece of someone’s romantic history.  awwwww

ps.  it’s silver, not gold.  the filter i’m using makes it look gold.

okay, before i heat some tea, eat my chicken noodle soup and hunker down for the evening, i’d like to say THANK YOU to morgan (of morgan and lua) for so graciously accepting my “guest blogger” request.  the post was great!

i’d also like to give a little woopty woop shout out to merl and sarah noel…these ladies offered to help out, too!

ahhhh…i feel so fortunate to have so many nice lady friends in my life.

and if you didn’t already know about morgan, i’m glad you do now!  she’s quite lovely, really…hysterical, has great style (duh), and lua’s adorable, too!  i always enjoy reading about morgan’s adventures.  (and she likes redheads, so…automatic like.  no matter what she does.)

alrighty, aphrodites…

see ya manana!



oh!  i’m wearing…
cora’s closet vintage dress – for sale in my shop!
belt – urban outfitters
necklace – vintage
pumps – mossimo, target


9 thoughts on “la mer d’amour

  1. Thanks Paige!! It was so fun to do. Thanks for dealing with my million and one questions too. By the way I’m getting some serious redhead love from it.

    Now if there was just some way to transplant it…

  2. Hahhahhah that comment made me laugh for 5 minutes!!! :D I don’t know your dressing codes in church but… The comment is pretty funny :D I think the dress is really very beautiful and I’d like to buy it if I hadn’t spent all my money lately :D And I think you look very nice in it, really… And great necklace! Kisses!

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