collar poppin’

what do you think of the new filter i’m using?  it’s called 1960’s (how creative). 

so, what’s with this week i’m having??

internet issues (resolved!), communication issues with WrW (resolved!), sore throat/under the weather (not resolved)…and then today, i lock myself out of the house, then realize that i can’t even open the garage because i don’t have car keys to get into my car to get the garage door opener…to get the car keys that are locked in the house!  grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

ah well.  that too, was resolved.

 i’m so looking forward to this weekend…

relax tonight, maybe order in.

saturday – estate/garage sale hopping with a friend, mani/pedi in the afternoon, all followed by a PLEASURE PARTY that evening!  haHA!  ever been?? 

getting together with a bunch of my girlfriends, drinking wine, eating appies, swapping sex stories, and perusing “toys”…what could be more fun??

i’m sure it’ll be a riot.  i’ll try to snap some photos.  hee hee…naughty. 

sunday, WrW and i will lounge around the pool, go for a little hike, and then we’re off to the hollywood bowl to see goldfrappe.   

btw…i’m on weardrobe now (and i’m on the featured page *blushing*).  if you are too…come find me!  i’m under barefootnvintage.

oh!  and i sold the dress from yesterday’s post!  *grin*

(amanda, you had me second guessing my decision to sell it because i do LOVE that dress!  however, it’s time for someone else to rock it.)

see lexington through the screen?  i love her.  she’s such a sweet girl. 

poppin your collar instantly changes the outfit from chic to 80s chic.  i’m not gonna lie…i kinda felt like the female version of don johnson (from miami vice) in this outfit. 

i wore (on wednesday, before my internet turned into an asshole)…
blazer – french connection, ruelala
ruffle top – target
 pencil skirt – american apparel
necklace – vintage
shoes – nordstrom rack





5 thoughts on “collar poppin’

  1. I am the lucky buyer of that adorable dress from yesterday! I will try my best to do it justice! :) I check your blog’s always my highlight :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. i actually don’t even know where to begin with my comment. first off, damn girl you are looking so hot these last few days!!!! this outfit is so amazing on you. love the ruffled top and the pencil skirt and my stars you know how much i love a popped collar. let’s bring it back, shall we? we could start a revolution!!! as sad as i am that you parted with that dress and i am so glad it sold already!!! how cool is that?! and i also use 1960s from picnik. love that tint and it makes you look so pretty :) and i also dig the top knot. see, i told you i didn’t know where to begin! there are just way too many things to say. and i’d love to be at that party!!!! that kinda thing is right up my alley. that and lounging by the pool. maybe i should just go to your house this weekend.

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