old but new – a shop update

as some of you may know, i’ve been working on a new look for barefoot & vintage on etsy!

new styling, new photos, new background…i even added a new filter!

check it out…

1.  80s rainbow brite yellow blazer
2.  60s angora vest with sequins

1.  cropped plaid jacket
2.  scalloped collar floral print blouse

1.  vintage pastel plaid blouse
2.  80s cheetah print tunic

soooooo…do you like it?  i would love some feedback!  feel free to leave comments.

also, i’m planning to add NEW items to the shop later today!  so be ready for another update.  (and a new model!)

happy saturday!




One thought on “old but new – a shop update

  1. Oh Paige! How amazing that blazer is!!! And it’s not even expensive!!! If I were in USA, I’d definitely buy and wear it, like everyday! But here, it may look a bit too bold… Anyways, I’ll find a way one day! You don’t need any but wish you luck with the new updates! :)

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