warning: for mature audiences only

just kidding.

but i did go to a “pleasure party” last night…

it was fun!  without going into too many deets…yes, i bought a few things.

*wink wink*

i also decided to write a few haikus about it.


vibrating so fast
you are little and so blue
in my purse you go

edible panties
i hope he likes raspberry
sexy fruit roll up

big rubbery thing
much too big for small places
no vacancy here

i’m all haiku’d out.

btw…i have no idea what i’m doing in this photo.  i was trying out some different poses.  i call this…


i’m wearing…
black jumpsuit – from a local boutique
scarf used as belt – vintage (found at garage sale yesterday!)
bracelet – a christmas gift from my son
sandals – local boutique

oh!  i almost forgot…this is my first “remix” post.

i wore the black jumpsuit a couple of months ago, like this.

friends, i hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!  thanks so so much for reading my posts and leaving comments here and there…they make me smile!




15 thoughts on “warning: for mature audiences only

  1. I thought you were trying to do yoga in the last photo but flamingo is more appropriate :)I’ve checked the other version and I loved this one more :) By the way, I have no idea what a “pleasure party” means!!!

  2. such a fabulous jumpsuit!!! love it and with the top knot, superb! and i did enjoy reading the haikus. i am just so curious about the party and wondering why i’ve never been to one. do you know someone who sells the stuff or did you all just get together and buy online? just so very curious….

  3. ok so first of all… I know I never emailed you back. (atleast I think I didnt?)but I was out of town for 4 days and unless I wanted to deal with dialup (which I assure you, I didn’t) my phone was my only connection to the world wide web. So… forgive me? Ill do it eventually I swear!
    Next on the agenda. I’m kinda jealous. I want to go to a sex party… I mean pleasure party.
    And last but not least, loving this jumpsuit.

    p.s. Mmmmmmm fruit roll ups…

  4. Love the haikus!! I do NOT recommend buying the edible, spreadable body chocolate! Our hotel had it for us on our honeymoon night, and Josh and I just about puked when we tasted it! Here’s my haiku for you!

    fruit roll up panties
    wonder if I’m flexible
    i’d hate to share them

  5. your haikus are hilarious!! I LOVE this outfit.. so cute! I’m glad I came across your blog on B. Jones Style! Definitely a new follower :)

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