vintage – 80s style

i was born february 13th, 1980.

i love the 80s.

always have, always will.

the music, the tv shows, the cartoons, the clothing, the hairstyles, the sayings…love it.

naturally, when i found this crazy ass dress…i HAD to buy it.  it screams 80s.

if you can’t see the obvious mix of lisa bonet and molly ringwald (fellow redhead)…you’re trippin.

now…where in the world did i wear this…you ask?

i didn’t.


when weardrobe announced their “time after time” best vintage look contest…i just knew i had to bring it.

and, of course, i decided to represent the 80s.

like, totally for sure.



you can come on over and “heart” my looks…this one and/or modern {desperate} housewife!

that would be nice of you.

okay, let’s be honest…we all know that 80s clothing isn’t really vintage, but it’s making a big comeback with the high waist/loose trousers, bright colors, bold patterns, ankle boots, denim on denim, etc etc…right?

and correct me if i’m wrong, but when was the last time you saw something like this at a store in your local mall…?

exactly.  1987.

that being said, when i brought it home, playing dress up was inevitable.

granted, i probably could have played it up more…big earrings, lots of bangles, blue eye shadow.  but i always believe less is more.  the belt, the boots, the hair, the dress alone should get my point across just fine.

i think this look says 80s, without looking to costume-y.

so for the sake of this mustard yellow, drapey, big crazy belt outfit being awesome…i’m calling it my best “vintage” look.

what’s your favorite era or “vintage” look?



i’m wearing…
80s dress – thrifted
bad ass belt – thrifted
75 cent boots – nordstrom.  NOT!  (thrifted)
bracelet – gift from my totally rad son.



16 thoughts on “vintage – 80s style

  1. Oh hey Paige. Guess what. “The Shoes” are going up tonight.

    60s for me. Did they make time travel possible yet?

    I like this filter on you by the way. Snazzy.

  2. you know how i love the 80s paige!!!! and this dress is one of the best i’ve seen in a very long time. i can totally see lisa bonet in this! so totally rad. i will most def be going over and hearting you. i am just giddy over your dress! i mean it’s perfect for you. i wish i could wear yellow, and if i could i’d be going over to your house and wresting you for it, but alas it is not a good color for me. so glad you found it :)

  3. Hello Paige! Thanks for the explanation (about the party :D) I think in this look yes the dress is so 80’s alone but the “bad ass belt” made the magic! I adore how you put these things together! Good luck for the contest! I could never compete with you! :)

    your hair that is. I love the bun n’ bangs!
    I’m not especially fond of the 80s. However if I could come back as an 80-90s tv star in another life, it would be Lisa Bonet. There is definitely some nice shiz that came from the 80s tho I admit. (like this dress!)
    For me however, I’m all about the 70s. high waists, bell bottoms, chunky boots, wedges. Sigh.

  5. I’ll say only that this outfit…made my day:)

    You look so glam and chic and girlie and feminine and ohhh just AMAZINGGGG:)

    lots of hugs

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  7. Hi from weardrobe! I love this outfit- the 80’s style dress looks great with that bad ass (lol) belt. Rock it!

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