concert series – sting

WrW and i dig music a lot…it’s a great thing to share with your significant other!

but even more so, we love the idea of making a picnic dinner, complete with wine or bottles or corona, and heading to the hollywood bowl to enjoy a great band under the stars.

a couple of weeks ago, we saw sting in concert.

to be honest with you, i want to say a lot more about how awesome he is in concert, but i’m sitting on my couch with a mean headache, stuffy nose and very sleepy eyes.

i’m about to take a couple benadryl, which will render me incomprehensible for the rest of the day.  or at least until about 5pm.

i’m wearing…
lace tshirt – nordstrom
yellow cardi – local boutique
90s, paper bag trousers – thrifted
bralette – american apparel
necklace – bday gift from a friend, urban outfitters
sandals – local boutique

i intended to put these trousers in the shop a looooooong time ago, see them here.

i’m glad i didn’t, because i really like them!

these trousers that we’re all obsessed with these days are a funny thing, yeah?

on one hand, i really like the high waist and the tapered leg, but on the other…like zoe over at haiku ambulance says, they tend to give you diaper butt…

if you’re looking for a pair, it may take some time to find the perfect, thrifted fit.  try them all on!  and just remember that white and lighter colors aren’t as flattering as black or navy.  so maybe look for darker pairs first.  then, when you’re comfortable with the fit and how to style them the best for your body, go for the ligher colors!

just my two cents.

WrW and i have more concerts coming up!  in fact, we just saw goldfrapp on sunday evening.  i’ll be posting that outfit in the next couple of days.

one more thing…

can you believe this shiz??

i’m weardrobe’s blogger of the day!


i’m blushing.

amanda sent me a text this am to let me know.  (thanks amanda, you’re so sweet!)

i feel very honored…thanks weardrobe!

later friends, i must get some rest.





12 thoughts on “concert series – sting

  1. Well, 2 days in a row, I saw your darker hair… It goes good with your light skin but Paige, the color you have at the moment is perfect for you, I think… Anyways! I have similar pair of those pants you’re wearing but I rarely wear it because of the diaper thing!!! They say tomorrow will be rainy, hmm, maybe I should find them… Oh and congratulations for being the blogger of the day! I think you’re the blogger of everyday!!! :) haha

  2. you should’ve said, amanda woke me up at a ridiculous time of the morning because she forgot about the time difference! i was just too excited :) and i love that you wore a bright colored bra under your lacy top. nice little sneaky peek. and the trousers are awesome. hope you feel better soon!

  3. Congrats on Weardrobe style blogger of the day! Great outfit too just got a yellow cardi today I’m trying to figure out what to pair it with….can’t wait to send over your bustier!! xxoo

  4. Okay, lots to say here.. First, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog and I can’t believe I hadn’t stumbled across your blog before. I love it so much!! I’m going to go back and read all of your posts. Second, I love those trousers so gosh darn much, they are perfect! I’ve tried so many on at the thrift store, I’ve given up for now. But I’m determined to find some before Fall :) Third, you and your man are so super cute. And forth, that is amazing about Weardrobe! I’m not cool enough to be on there I think, but I’m always happy to see real women with great style be featured!! Congrats!!


    dayum girl. that deserves a couple whoot whoots.. however I’m also tired and cranky so just read that twice ok? feel better pumpkin tits kissey kiss.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS, Paige! Congrats–so amazing! I hope you’re feeling better to enjoy the good news.

    Also, you and WrW look adorable in that photo.

    And also, I decided that I REALLY love the new filter you’re using.

    I think that’s all my alsos.

  7. Thank you so much for the sweet compliment, Paige! I too found you on wardrobe have since been lusting over your closet. Look forward to following along :)

    Also – congrats on your spotlight! Totally deserving!

    xo Rach

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