waiter!  there’s a fly in my…coffee?!

WrW and i had breakfast at our fave place in silver lake on sunday.  now that he lives in the city, we haven’t been in weeks!  we usually take the dog, so we sit outside at our favorite table and enjoy the people watching. 

right in the middle of telling him a story…a little tiny fly lands PLOP! right in my coffee.  i thought it was funny so i snapped a pic.  then i scooped him out with a spoon. 

and yes, i continued to drink my coffee. 

after breakfast, i wanted to snap some photos of my outfit, so we headed over to the music box steps.  
the music box is a laurel and hardy short film comedy released in 1932.  it was on these very steps where they filmed a very hilarious scene in which they must deliver a piano up this particularly long, narrow flight of stairs. 

just a little piece of hollywood film history for ya!

you guys, i can’t stop with the top knot!  (woah…major accidental rhyming.)  i think it’s here to stay, at least for the summer!  it’s so easy to twist and tuck and go!  even if i’m having a shitty hair day, the top knot always looks good. 

i’m wearing…
black tube top – urban outfitters
belt – thrifted
skirt – thrifted (going in the shop!)
purse – vintage coach, thrifted from a garage sale

 ps.  the steps go a lot higher than this.  i just wanted to show you the sign.

another photo of the man and i…love love love him!

kinda off topic, but i went to an estate sale on saturday and i have to say…it was kinda creepy.  everything laid out for the public to look through and buy.  things that were once cherished and loved by someone.  part of me felt really bad about going through a deceased woman’s clothing and belts and shoes.  i didn’t find much…a vintage mirror for my purse and a few belts. 

and then i wondered…what if this woman was evil and by purchasing these items and taking them from her home and now into mine…what if she haunts me?  will her spirit follow that navy blue and white striped belt?  maybe it was her favorite and she’s pissed that i bought it for one friggin dollar because she bought it for $20?! 

seriously, do any of you thrifters ever think about stuff like that??  i mean, what if one of the dresses you covet from the 60’s is cursed??  eek!

anyway…i’m kinda cranky today and originally i wanted to bitch and complain and vent about stupid stuff, but now i’m kinda over it! 

hope you’re all having a lovely day!  and thanks for all the nice comments!!  i look forward to hearing from you everyday. 




13 thoughts on “bzzzzzzzzz….

  1. ok, top knot is awesome and you should rock it hard core cuz you look fab. cool shot of the stairs. you look amazing in that outfit and i’m already thinking of ways i can steal it from you. you look so super happy with your man :) i would’ve finished drinking the coffee too.

  2. Um, yes, I do think about these things and sometimes it really creeps me out. Primarily the “DNA” / ick aspect of it (just weirds me out that some old dead lady used to wear it)! But, I get over it and she should at least be happy that her treasured stuff is getting some more use.

  3. Oh Laurel and Hardy. My Grandpa and I used to watch Laurel and Hardy when I was a kid. It is sweet to be reminded of that time.

    By the way, I just started following your blog and I must say that my life is being enriched by it!

  4. I love that you are slightly neurotic and paranoid, too! I think about that stuff ALL THE TIME! I really, truly believe that my clothes, accessories and especially shoes have feelings of their own. That’s why I can never throw things away or when I lose something, I feel terrible for leaving my cherished item all on it’s own (seriously, crazy right?) And I also feel like the person who gifted me the item that I am giving away somehow will know about it… haha, but I wouldn’t give up thrifting or purchasing vintage items for anything so it’s a moot point. :)

  5. I go to estate sales all the time and while I think they are a little eerie, I love the creep factor. I always think the old ladies would be flattered that their clothes and shoes are beloved by a new generation. After all, they saved them in their houses all those years for some reason!

  6. OMG. that totally came up in that movie!! They used ‘ghosts’ for dramatic effect, but I definitely get it. Obviously it hit me pretty hard since I was a bit tipsy, but even thinking about it afterwards gave me a big pause. I guess if anything, it makes me treat things a bit more reverently. Regardless of what kind of moral character the former owner possessed, I feel like the garment-after making it through all these years- has developed a life of it’s own. Maybe that’s why some stuff no matter how cute, looks like shit on me.. it’s actually evil. I mean.. it can’t be my perfect body right?…. right?

    serrrrrrrrrriously make these couple weeks go by MEOW. I can’t wait to give you a big creepy hug.

  7. Hey, thanks for finding me! I’m a fellow lover of the topknot especially for summer. Your blog is lovely and I’m definitely following you now. Congrats on making Weardrobe feature- I dream of that happening to me someday too.

  8. I never used to think about used clothes in the way you described just thrift store shopping – I just saw, bought, concurred… it was actually my husband (then boyfriend) who would ask those type of inqueries as he was kind of creaped out by the concept of used clothing at first… however I recently was at an estate sale, and it is a strange experience. I guess you just have to think that if there is any bad energy, that you can create a cleansed, new positive energy through the transfer, you know? For an item you really love, I think it is worth it.

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