snobby little vintage girl

that’s right…i said it.  that’s what i’m turning into. 

a snobby little vintage girl. 

allow me to explain…maybe you’ll get it, maybe you won’t. 

last night, i pulled a few things from the “vintage closet” (3rd bedroom) with the intention of snapping a few photos and adding them to etsy.  (yay!)  however, all of a sudden i was completely overwhelmed with my lack of organization.  new items were draped over chairs, belts and things strewn on the floor, and there were boxes full of clothing that need to be hemmed, taken in, etc etc…

 and that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks…i had clothing everywhere

not only in the “vintage closet”, but in the kitchen, in the laundry area, in my hamper, and in my bedroom closet.  where the hell am i going to put all of it?! 

i had to do something…fast! 

as i started going through everything, i realized that i was hating some of the non-vintage, non-thrifted items in my closet.  they reeked of easy and cheap, an unwillingness to work with other items in the closet, they were taking up so much room, and more than anything…they seemed boring.

 let me clarify easy and cheap.  easy, because i didn’t find it by scouring thrift stores or garage sales.  that takes hard work and dedication, my friends!  easy because all i had to do was walk into the local trendy boutique, head over to a rack and hope that my size was still left in a sea of the exact same shirt or blouse or dress. 

cheap…well that doesn’t really make sense because i tend to only buy things for less than $20 these days.  i must apologize, non-vintage, non-thrifted clothing…i’m the cheap one.  i suppose i’m projecting.  

long story short…before i knew it, it was 830 (i got started around 5), i hadn’t had anything to eat and i had to yet post new items on etsy.  grrrrrr!  

but!  i had one box and one big bag full of clothing items i no longer have any interest in.  some of it wasn’t just boring and “new” though!  a lot of it just doesn’t fit me well or i don’t like the way it drapes or maybe i’ve never figured out how to wear it… 

goodwill…here i come!  one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.  

bee tea dubs…i am not a snob.  but it’s official…i am more into vintage and or thrifted “one-of-a-kinds “than anything else.  that doesn’t mean that i won’t be visiting my faves – anthropologie, urban, nordstrom, and maybe the local trendy boutique.  just not as often.  my pocketbook likes it, too.   

 i’m wearing…
cropped jacket – vintage, bought from a friend!
tiered, ruffle tank – local trendy boutique *wink*
wide leg trousers – anthropologie
mustard yellow pumps – thrifted
bracelet – gift from my son

 if you like the jacket…it’s for sale on etsy.
click here for deets!

more new items… 

 1.  vintage straw weaved purse
2.  weaved chain link strap purse
3.  vintage caramel colored canvas purse
4.  ethnic embroidered duffle bag (orange bird)
5.  ethnic embroidered duffle bag (pink bird) 

go take a look!  obviously i don’t filter every photo on etsy, so you can see the real colors and of course there are more details and measurements! 

i’m sooooooo happy it’s thursday.  ready for the long weekend, that’s for sure.  

oh and hello new readers!  i know i have a few of you.  i will check out your blogs and comment and/or write back as soon as possible!!  (if you’ve been following along, you know that i can’t comment via my computer at work.)  i’m so glad to make new friends! 

okay, enough of my incessant rambling.  




16 thoughts on “snobby little vintage girl

  1. i know! i have so little regular clothes in my closet now and i really don’t wear them that much except for the aa tees that i will never give up! i love this outfit. you look great in that jacket! and those embroidered duffles are amazing and one of them is going to be mine!

  2. Ah! i go through the same thing almost every weekend. Basically why I started my blog shop becuase the non-vintage items are so easy to get rid of! Now i’m off to your etsy, I have my eye on one of those bird bags!

  3. I agree with you on this issue. I really love my one of a kind pieces while my mass available ones feel much more boring. Can I get the scoop on your Goodwill so I can search through your cast-offs?

  4. just started reading your blog and i love it!! you are my newest hair inspiration and will be showing my stylist pics tomorrow. your bangs and waves are EXACTLY what i want. i’ve already got the red goin on! :)

    i’m swooning over that duffle!

  5. Paige, being a snob like this is not a bad thing, believe me :) You look gorgeous again! I hope I can tidy my clothes too!!! And oh, That little WEAVED chain link strap purse is a gorgeous item, I’m thinking about it!!!

  6. Oh Miss Paige. I think that even if you had the most rotten, snobby attitude ever no one would notice because your face is so kind and beautiful.

    But yeah- fuck those cheap and easy whores of clothes. They haven’t lived yet.

    But someday, they too will be a thrifted trinket. Now, isn’t that creepy?

    And you can come to Denver any time and stalk me.

    In fact, you stalk me from my own house, you snob.

  7. I totally know what you’re saying. Even though I don’t have a huge vintage collection, I’m still a total schitzo when it comes to my closet. I play hot and cold with certain items. However, I haven’t had the heart to get rid of any of these pieces. I applaud your follow through!! I guess I’m a little bit of a closet hoarder!

  8. <3 this look! i myself am sort of turning into a vintage snob, but rather than my loves being all vintage, it's more of a 'just plain cheap and not from a "shop"' psyche. I have been gradually purging my over-stuffed wardrobe of shop-purchases for awhile now… :)

  9. The cheap clothing is so addicting! I always think, “But I can get 3 tops for the price of this 1!” However, in the end, the cheap tops don’t stay in my wardrobe often and new cheap things take their place. I’m trying to get better about what I buy. It’s hard. Sometimes I come home from the store with a new item and realize I just did what I’m trying to avoid, i.e. buying clothing that has no staying power in my wardrobe. Sigh.

  10. Your son has very good taste! Love that bracelet!

    Wish I could be as good at finding ‘vintage’ items as you! Lovely outfit – so well put together!

  11. i totally know what you mean! i bought a bunch of crap (literally) online at f21 last week, and when it arrived i hated it all! took every last thing back. i find myself more interested in my vintage wares more and more…i, too, feel like i’ve earned them somehow. all the sorting and picking and driving from thrifts, garage sales, etc – so worth it when you find great pieces. :D

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