scarf love

we all love scarves, yeah?

(btw…my son can’t stand it when i end questions with “yeah”.  he always says, “mommy, you sound like a canadian!  you aren’t canadian!”  how does he know about canadians?  apparently i’m not sheltering him enough.  hee hee…i keed, i keed.)

where were we…oh yeah!  scarves.

yesterday, i wore a scarf to work.  it’s my favorite.  i found it at a garage sale last weekend and we fell in love.

so in love that we frolicked in front of the camera together after work.  i can do so many things with my scarf.  it doesn’t question my motives or make fun of me.  in fact, it always makes me look really good. 

the version i wore to work is called “modified suspenders”.  at least, that’s what i’m calling it.   

here are the other ways you can wear a scarf.  (i know you already know how to wear scarves…it was just an excuse for me to play with my favorite one.)

voila!  4 different looks.

i’m wearing…
vneck tshirt – american apparel
belt – thrifted
skirt – bcbg, gilt groupe
scarf – garage sale find

what’s you favorite?  would you try the modified suspender?  if you do…send me photos!  i’ll do a post on it. 

next up…the sweet, gorgeousness that is lynzy (of from skirts to skillets) passed me a blog award yesterday! 

thank you, lynzy.  very sweet of you!

now, i have to answer this question: where do you think you will be in 10 years?

a:  dude.  i’ll be 40.  all of a sudden i can’t think straight, because that is scary shit.  however…hopefully i’ll be a mommy, married to the wonderful and handsome WrW, living in a small town, in a double wide on christina’s property.  peddling vintage on the side of the road.  and wearing my scarf around my head. 

and…i must pass the award on to 10 fantastic bloggers!
in no particular order…
megan of transmission me
rach of ordinarily urbane
sassy pants morgan of morgan and lua
jaimee of crabtastic
renee of castaway vintage
claire of casual ambiguity
fia of the laundry narrative
sarah noel of sarah ann noel
emily of tomorrow never knows fashion
the ladies over at free honey

**if you’ve been tagged, you must answer the question on your blog and then nominate 10 more bloggers.**

seriously, there are sooooo many blogs i would like to mention.  i chose these particular ladies because i’ve either just started reading their blogs or because i want to brown nose and kiss ass…just sayin’.

before i go… 
i have been love love LOVING your comments and responses to my ramblings.  i have a list a mile long of people who i want to email and comment to, but i haven’t had time! 

i will soon…maybe tonight or later this weekend.

happy friday!





29 thoughts on “scarf love

  1. I love love love the first one and the belt thingmagingy. Even though I’m totally bitter you didn’t choose me, I guess I’m happy too because I can’t think of next week let alone 10 years from now. Btw will you be my suga mama? Thanks.

  2. i love the scarf as belt with the real belt. pure genius i tell you. pure genius. and my stars you are just turning into a little vixen. so gorgeous! have you seen yourself lately? really? really. and i think it’s hilarious that you are going to be living in a double wide selling vintage out of it wearing a scarf on your head in 10 years. our dream is to live in an airstream somewhere and be total hippies, string up lanterns around the big awning and eat all of our meals in the summer outside. can we live by you? it would help if our boys could hang out and have a buddy to play with. that way maybe they could have some hope of a normal life :)

  3. wait a minute. you want me to think about my future and about being 40!?
    gasp. love the scarf. love scarves in general, except I get made fun of for it constantly as I will not take my dang lurex indian scarf off EVER.

  4. AHA! look who’s not emailing people back now!
    (you better not email me before i finish posting this or else ill look like a jerk!)
    Ill take you up on that offer missy. mayhaps tomorrow!
    Also, please note that I was also sporting a “suspenders” look this week. And is it not impossible to (wait does that make sense? should i say isnt it impossible? god im not sure!) to not (woah more confused) take a picture with your thumbs in the “suspenders”? hahaha i swear, just check out the pics i posted today.
    I really love this outfit… I may need to steal it for work one day. I especially love the structure/shape of that skirt!


    • ummmm…i’m pretty sure i get a not emailing back pass because i just gave you a rad freaking blog award. (duh.) i just realized that i don’t have you on bloglovin…are you on bloglovin? i can’t wait to go check out your suspender look. oh and sassy dork pants? you don’t have to sign your name at the end of each comment…i know who you are…solely by your tone and attitude. ;) iloveit.

  5. Paige, I have a skirt like that! And I’m definitely gonna try the scarf suspenders! But first, how do you do that? Just tuck into your skirt? Well, I’ll find out… Oh I just loved loved loved loved the second photo!!! The last is as beautiful too! And well I don’t know why but I loved the head scarf so much, it shows inner child of you I guess!!! :)

  6. What a GREAT post! I’ve really wanted to start wearing scarves but haven’t had any ideas how to wear them. Thanks for all the great ideas! I especially love the first way as “suspenders” and then styled almost as a cummerbund under the belt.

    So creative and the scarf itself is beautiful!!!

  7. I’m new to your blog, and it’s lovely! I have a pretty big collection of vintage scarves- I love how they can add color to an outfit :)

    Amanda :)

  8. Heehee! Great post, I love the scarf remix :D and thank you for the tag! I actually read this right after you posted it, got a little high from excitement *cough* and uh, forgot to comment. That’s gotta be bad karma :/

    ALSO! The filter/effect you use on your photos just oozes summer and I love it. Says she who is cuddled up in bed under a pile of blankets blowing dragon steam out her mouth. Freakin’ winter-ness on other side of world-ness.

    xx Claire

  9. What a beautiful scarf and so versatile, it was a great find. I love scarves and I have way to many, is that even possible?? Anyway, great styling ideas i am definitely going to try a few of those ideas :-)

  10. I dig your scarf suspenders and the backhand at the Canadians. Leave us alone, eh? We’re nice people as long as we have some moose jerky and beer…

  11. I just love all of the ways that you wore this scarf, and the versatility. It is crazy how drastic a change can be just by styling the scarf a different way! I must say, I love it in you hair!

  12. Thank you so much for passing on the award! We’re a little late catching up on our blog reading after having a long weekend of 4th of July fun!!

    Also, I absolutely love the scarf as an extra belt. Did you just tie it around in back or did you somehow tuck it into itself… I’m confused and intrigued….

  13. Aww, thanks for the nomination Paige!! I’m going to attempt the scarf suspenders, but I’m not promising you’ll see the results…I’m uncertain that I can pull this off (though it looks cute on you!)

    xoxo, Ashley @ Free Honey

  14. Oh this is good!!! When are we gonna hang out? I might get next Sunday off for the Rose Bowl Flea Market and if I do we should definitely meet up.

  15. For one, you look gorgeous in these photos and I love the scarf-as-wide-belt look. And for two, my goodness Paige I’m so flattered, thank you for the mention!! This is going to be so fun :) xo

  16. Pingback: Summertime Girls Are The Kind I Like, I’ll Steal Your Honey Like I Stole Your Bike — Free Honey

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