concert series – goldfrapp

hello friends!

i trust all of you had a safe and fantastic fourth of july weekend…?

mine was great!  full of relaxing, a little thrifting, TONS of food, too much traffic (not cool), decent (but not great) weather…all with WrW and our wonderful friends, alison and daveed.

i have a few photos, but i’ll share them later this week.

recently, WrW and i saw goldfrapp at the hollywood bowl.  i’m always amazed by how many people have never heard of her.

if you don’t know who she is, check her out!  i see her as a cross between lady gaga and debbie harry.  what’s not to love about that??  listen below!

fabulous, huh?  she’s amazing, live.

on the way to the concert, WrW took this dope shot of me in the subway…

i love the movement of it.

ever have one of those last-minute wardrobe changes that you wish you’d never made?

this happened to me that night.

originally, i had the oversized blazer you see in the photos, belted with a long, gold chain necklace…

but for some reason, on our walk to the subway, i switched it up by removing the “belt” and wearing the blazer open.


i now see that belted was better.

oh well.  ya live, ya learn.

i’m wearing…
blazer – thrifted (for sale in the shop!)
vneck tshirt – american apparel
denim stirrup leggings – local boutique
wedges – vintage, bought from etsy
belt/necklace – thrifted

yes, i’m selling the blazer.  but not because i don’t LOVE it…because it’s a tad too big on me.  if i had the balls, i’d wear it as a mini…sooo hot.  any takers?  i dare ya… *wink wink*

alright, so here are the new items…

1. 80s working girl floral print dress
2. dark teal vintage summer dress
3. oversized slouchy floral blazer

come take a look!

and thanks SO MUCH for all the lovely “scarf love” comments.  if you try the modified suspenders…please, send me photos!  i’d love to see how you wear it!

a few of you asked how to do it…

first of all, it works best with a long, narrow scarf.  put it around your neck and tuck the ends into your high waist skirt, jeans, shorts, or trousers!  add a belt to hold the scarf in place.

the scarf as a cumberbund is equally as simple.  unfold the scarf, so that it is wide, wrap around your waist, and tie in the back.  add a belt for an extra pop of color.

also, some new readers have left comments this weekend…hello and welcome!  i can’t wait to check out your blogs, too!

lots of fun things planned this week…more new items, guest blogging, and a surprise!




15 thoughts on “concert series – goldfrapp

  1. Hellooo Paige, how I’ve missed you! my bloglovin page has been pretty quiet this weekend, all you Americans takin it easy and partying while I was watching predator, aliens and star wars movies back to back in my apt. all weekend. Ohhh now don’t be jealous, your star wars marathon will come when you are ready.
    Ok now back to your post.
    Completely agree the belted blazer looked FABBBBBBBBBBulous. I like both looks though.
    I bought a beige bf blazer that is really boxy (new-not vintage, shame on me!) and i meant to return it but its been a few months now so I’m thinking its too late… I should try it with a mini (or as a mini? not sure, it would obviously fly open on me, thats my luck. maybe with mini shorts? i need some lil shorts…)

    I want to see that video but I can’t at work so hopefully I’ll remember when I get home tonight. I’m very curious.

  2. Back in the day when I used to be obsessed with the OC (show not the county in cali) and they played some goldfrapp songs.. I’ve been a dear psycho fan since then. SO JEALOUS you got to see her! I should probably warn you I’m moving out there after our meet up just to go to concerts with you kids.

    PS… I have an amazing, blow your freaking panties off idea for 17 days from now.. I’ll be emailing you later. mwah!

  3. you look totally 100% amazing!! what a fabulous blazer. you should keep it! i will admit to never having heard of goldfrapp. but i’m not really all that hip.

  4. Hey Paige! I’m agree with you about belted blazer, it looked much better but you look very beautiful in both! Oh thanks for telling how to do the modified suspenders! I’ll definitely do that and let you know when I did!

  5. I don’t know which I’m more excited about, your blazer or our mutual love of Goldfrapp! Belted or unbelted I’m pretty obsessed with the blazer, I think the floral fabric is such an unexpected pattern to see on an oversized blazer. I’m pretty distraught that it’s already sold. Seriously, if it doesn’t work out… let me know!

  6. Your blazer is soooo pretty. I think that you are the only person alive though that can pull that off. Well you and Jenny Lewis, I’d trust her with that blazer.

    Glad your concert was fun! I’ll have to check Goldfrapp out now :)

  7. I totally walk out the door and think CRAP, wish I didn’t just change my top/take off my coat/put on these shoes, etc. It’s a killer cycle, hahaha. I do dig the blazer tho, it’s so original.

    xoxo, Ashley

  8. I’m constantly switching up my outfits throughout the day. I button the shirt I wore today at least 5 different ways. You’re lucky you got both ways on camera!

  9. The blazer is just heaven:)

    I love it so so much:)
    and also the pink pants from the last post:)
    You really have an awesome wardrobe:)

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