the definition of paige

according to urban dictionary.

(the following photos were taken on monday…we didn’t take any photos on the 4th!)

1.  a very outgoing but shy girl.
she is always fun to be around and can always make you laugh.
tends to be very athletic but cute and girly at the same time.
she always has the cutest clothes no matter what.
she is easy to love, and has a great personality and will talk to anybody.
she is definitely one of the greatest people alive.

in a sentence – omg!  i wish i was more like paige.

there’s more…

2.  the epitome of femininity.
hail mary, this chick is the shit.
tall, lean, funny, and mean.
badass with a lot of class, sass and a nice round ass.

in a sentence – that chick is fly, that must be paige.

they get better…stay with me!

3.  The love-child of a sweaty gorilla and Michael Jackson.
She is a grumpy gremlin whose main purpose is to steal your left sock and the tires off your car.
If you see her, RUN AWAY!

girl 1 – OMG!  what is that thing walking towards us?
girl 2 – i’m guessing it’s a paige…

how freaking hysterical is that?!  if you’ve never looked up your name in the urban dictionary, go do it now!  it’s friggin, fuuuuuuhKNEE!


i’m wearing…
necklace – thrifted
tube top – urban outfitters
belt – thrifted.  it’s actually vintage fabric that belongs on a table.  i use it as a belt.
peach trousers – thrifted
sandals – target

before we left for san diego, last saturday, WrW wanted to a get a few photos of me in front of the downtown la coca cola building.  see how it’s shaped like a ship??  apparently it’s one of la’s most famous landmarks.  it was completed in 1937.

nothing special about this outfit, ladies (and gents?)…i’m just comfy in skinnies and a lace tee.

one more and i’m done.  i just can’t resist.

4.  a short, midget-esque girl whose main purpose in life is to find and defeat voldemort.
she carries around a wand and a book of spells to defeat her enemies. paige often cackles at the moon late at night in hopes to attract her one true love: edward cullen. paige eagerly awaits each morning to mousse her hair up and yell at a friend of hers. she is often compared to golem from lord of the rings, and loves to wear pants that are too big so that she has a pouch, as marsupials do. paige’s diet consists of celery and capers. everyone has a friend like paige.

how can i argue with that?

i can’t.




24 thoughts on “the definition of paige

  1. Hi Paige! :D I think it should be like that: “everybody should have a friend like Paige” yes, that’s better! :) I loved your “lacey” (is this a real word?) looks… Especially in the first outfit, you look gorgeous… And loved how you styled a comfortable outfit so chic and elegant with lace! Wonderful!

  2. Heehee I love the fourth definition of paige.

    I looked up my name and found the first couple of pages a bit of a fake ego boost, then I got onto all the ones that included things about urinals and toilets and smelly radiators and it kind of lost its shine. Now I feel bad about myself. Kidding.

    By the way, I like your shoulders. Hope that isn’t weird, it was my first thought re: top photo. Lol.

    • right?! i love the degrading definitions…they’re hysterical!
      and it’s not weird AT ALL that you like my shoulders. thank you! :)

  3. Soo if you really love me, you will begin immediately a diet of only high calorie foods. I don’t want to feel like I’m going to snap you in half when I give you a huge awkward lingering hug.

    You’re adorable but epitome of sexy at the same time.

    My guest post is up.. read it and weep toots.

  4. Foxy, Foxy
    You know you are a
    cute little heart

    You are tiny girlfriend. And not bad tiny, amazing tiny. you make me want to join a gym and pump some iron.
    I love both these outfits but ESPECIALLY those peach trousers. WOWSER.

    • emily! i’m blushing.
      tiny…hmmmm…genetically, i’m tiny up top. i carry all my junk in the trunk. (if ya know what i mean.) winkwink.

      i really do think that peach is like…the color right now. buy it up!!!

  5. BAHAHAHAHAHA. I have never looked up MY NAME in urban dictionary. I will definitely try.

    But this comment is not about me or my name. It is about the fact that you truly must be one of the cutest people I know! HOW DARLING ARE YOU?! The first outfit is amazing; the lace tee is super-sexy; and could you look more banging in any of your photos? I say that and you’ll probably blow me away again tomorrow.


  6. Have I officially told you I love everything about you?

    Either way: it’s taken care of now.

    And, I think from here on out I’m going to add, “as marsupials do” to the end of every, say… 45th sentence.

    The lace belt: amazing and amazing and amazing.

    And now I’m regretting passing by some peach trou yesterday. They’re looking mighty fine on you, paige.

    Perhaps one day we’ll wear peach pants together, as marsupials do.

  7. that was so awesome! the outfit and the post. you are a total knock out in a tube top, for realz. and in no way do you resemble the love child between a sweaty gorilla and michael jackson. i think that was a bit of an exaggeration :)

  8. God you freaking kill me!! This is so great! I have never done that before! Now I have to go check mine! These outfits and pics are so great! You are looking VERY FINE lady!

  9. The outfit is delightful! And the lace wrap belt is genius.

    Also I am quite literally laughing out loud at your urban dictionary moniker dissection. #4 really takes the cake with those celery and capers :)

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