experimentation explodination (and rant)

random things from the weekend…

yesterday, i added new items to the shop.

please go take a look!

and hey…are you guys tired of my top knot and scarves yet?  i can’t get enough of scarves as belts.

i guess it’s my thing right now.

yesterday, merl tweeted:
“is it just me being a grumpy gma or teenagers these days absolutely retarded? natural selection is a myth.”

yes merl, they are absolutely RUDE.

last night, the boys and i went to see despicable me.  (it was great, btw!)  the theater was packed by the time we got in there.  there were hardly any seats left and the ones that were, were being “saved” for others.  it was irritating.  i’m guilty of saving seats for people in situations such as this, but when you’re the one looking for a place to sit…it’s effin frustrating as all get out.   we had no other choice but to sit two rows back from the screen.  ugh.  oh well.  as we’re waiting for WrW to come back from gathering popcorn, candy and cherry icees…i witnessed some asshole teenagers being smug and smart assy.  so as i’m standing there, waiting to grab WrW’s attention…i see some older woman walking around, asking, “hey are those seats taken?” only to be told, “yeah, these are saved.”  over and over again.  i can hear her mumbling under her breath and i can see that her blood is starting to boil.  in the row behind me, there are two teenagers (boy and girl, bf/gf) saving about 5 seats.  the older woman doesn’t hear them say that those are saved, so she sits.  they tell her that those are saved and she says, “come on really?  i’m here.  where are you friends?  do you really need to save all 5 seats?”  and the kids are just so rude to her.  laughing at her and basically acting like she’s a freaking lunatic for getting upset.  so i hear the teenage boy say, “woah, i guess she wants to see this movie THAT badly.”   to which his gf giggles and agrees.  dumbass.  you’re here…YOU don’t have anything better to do you effin dork, then see a kid movie on a saturday night.  (well neither do i, but i have a 9 year old.  excuse granted.)  THEN…the woman goes around to the other side of the row and asks again.  she’s even more irritated.  the kids are trying to explain that their friends are coming, they’re out getting snacks and things…so the lady gets pissed, turns around and TRIPS DOWN THE FREAKING STAIRS IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.  omg, i was so embarrassed for the poor woman.  and then, i hear the stupid teenager say, “she totally deserved that for getting so pissed.” he laughs and his stupid effin girlfriend laughs.  they were so smug, i wanted to climb over my damn seat and smack that smug right off their faces.  why would they laugh about her falling?  what if she hurt herself?  i was just appalled.  i don’t care if she was in the right or not…they were being rude.  so the gf kept talking about it, saying how angry that woman was.  and i have to tell you…i cannot STAND IT when people blow other people’s emotions out of proportion.  you have no idea how that woman is feeling, you effin little twit…she was frustrated and now she’s embarrassed and you’re being rude.  so this is my last straw.  and because i’m “old” and a buzz kill and always stand up for the underdog, i say to them…”she’s not mad and frustrated at YOU.  we all bought tickets for this movie and this theater is packed.  i think people are just worried they won’t have a place to sit.  she’s just frustrated. you would be, too.”  the woman next to me agreed and those stupid teenagers just stared at me and nodded, dumbfounded, i think.

you know why?  cuz i’m a cool, 30 year old mom with a top knot.  and just told them what’s up.


i just think that people should put themselves in other people’s shoes more often.

so merl…this rant was dedicated to you, my love.

you’re not an old gma…teenagers these days are assholes.

experimentation explodination.

my son was saying this, with a deep southern accent this am.

he was trying to get the pull toy out of lexington’s mouth, but she just wouldn’t let go.

so taylor kept telling her, in the accent, that he needed the toy for an experimentation explodination that he was working on.

it was funny.  you had to be there.

my kid is funny.

blue, thrifted shoes.

new, expensive (on sale) shoes…

on sale from july 16th through july 20th at the nordstrom anniversary sale.

i pick them up on the 16th!


studs are IN for fall.  stock up.

enjoy your sunday!  thanks for letting me vent about stupid teenagers.



i’m wearing…
sweater – vintage, thrifted
animal print scarf as belt – vintage, thrifted
skinny jeans – local boutique
blue flats – thrifted


13 thoughts on “experimentation explodination (and rant)

  1. Not going to lie.. I got worked up just reading your story. Especially when she fell. I don’t think I would’ve reacted as calmly as you did.. meaning I probably would’ve flown off the handle and become another grumpy overreacting lady getting upset for no reason. A few weeks ago we went to see toy story 3.. and there was a teenage couple taking photos of themselves.. during the previews. with the flash on. after the 3rd shot, when it was obvious they weren’t planning on stopping, I loudly said ‘please stop, I didn’t pay to watch you photograph yourself.’ The entire theater heard (it wasn’t packed but there were at least 30-40 people) I felt bad for a moment afterwards because I could’ve gone down the few rows and asked politely.. but SERIOUSLY??? I love the previews! Sometimes more than the damn movie! And for those ignorant little runts to obliviously blind us with the flash?! I’m surprised I didn’t swear. I think I managed to check myself because it was a kids movie..

    Thanks for the rant mama.. you made me agitated but then feel better. Ps, I wear a scarf every flippin day I wear real clothes. Get outta my head. xo

    • Loveys,

      I check your blog (and Merl’s) just about every day. How sad it made me to see you use the word “retard.” This is akin to calling an African American a “nigger.” It’s just not appropriate…at all. Clearly neither of you have a person with disabilities in your life. Keep up the great work, ladies, but please reconsider how your language impacts people…



      • holly, my sincerest apologies. you are absolutely right. in my annoyance, i used a word that i typically DO NOT use, to describe someone. also, my use of the “f word” was used WAY too many times. i have modified. and please know that i honestly did not mean to offend anyone.

        thank you for bringing this to my attention.


  2. I can’t get enough of your knot and scarves… You look beautiful… I was thinking that I was getting old, but it’s not me, it’s teenagers, ha? Should i be relieved for myself or sorry for the future generations?

  3. I have an extremely low tolerance for “young people” these days, which is a bit lame cos I am only 22. Having said that, I teach university undergrad tutorials and I swear the students are far ruder, disrespectful and extremely ungrateful about their education than students were when I was in these classes as a student. All other tutors have been noticing it too and I am sick of it.

    Don’t get me started on teenagers on the bus/ in the mall/ at the movies (omg the number of times I have spoken up – politely mind you – to get them to shut the heck up and been laughed at)…

  4. i know, i can’t stand that so many kids today are just plain inconsiderate. it’s just maddening! makes me really want to teach my son to act with integrity and humility.
    and also, i love your sweater! and i will never tire of your top-knot and scarves :)

  5. Teenagers are absolutely so incredibly rude. Unfortunately, I feel like most of the time in order to get to them you have to utterly humiliate them. I used to work at a summer camp and yes YOUR campers think you are the coolest thing since stirrup pants, however everyone else’s campers think you are stupid. I can’t tell you how many times I would have to tell some 14 year old boy to put his shirt on between activities, only to be told Why? and then have to say, “well, first off its a rule and secondly, your little 14 year old bird chest is not impressive. Put. On. A. Shirt. NOW!”

    I have a tough time keeping my mouth shut, and so I do say something and I am not very nice at all. I do not tolerate disrespectful behavior at all and its so hard for me to keep my mouth shut. I hate how I sound though. I sound like that bitchy twenty something that wants teenagers banned from place. Of course, I also don’t like trashy college kids either haha.

  6. So, I read your rant about the theatre and I swear that my blood starts to boil. I think parents forgot to teach empathy when they got to busy to feed them anything other than fast food daily. Sorry, that was kinda judging…
    The point is, your jeans fit like magic and I virtually had your back when you told them off.

  7. That is terrible.

    I couldn’t have contained myself. Someone would have gotten punched in the teeth.

    I also feel like some of the most maddening instances in my life have happened in movie theatres. It seems like the easiest place for people to forget anything regarding social graces. Yikes. Echoing Merl: I am upset just reading about it.

    On a lighter note: NO! I’m not sick of your top knot OR your scarves as belts!!! In fact, if I had the hair for it, I’d be rocking top knot daily. I’ll have to compromise by totally ripping off your scarfasbelt steaz.

    Consider it officially ripped.


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