dream weaver

does this count as a remix?

i’ve worn this skirt before. remember?  for some reason i always go uber simple when wearing it.  then again, i usually only wear it to work, so i can’t get too crazy.  that being said, it’s a great skirt to add to any working girl’s wardrobe.  and i think it would be best on a taller woman.  i’m only 5’3.  anyway…

i like it, but the time has come for me to part with this great vintage skirt.

i plan to add it to the shop this week.

want it?  let me know.

this top is max studio (i bought it from a friend, actually.)  it’s silk, light weight and so feminine.

and the bracelet i’m wearing…taylor bought it for me when he was in spain.  apparently, the woman who made it finds stones and pebbles on the beach and turns them into beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry.  taylor thought this one was perfect for me.  i couldn’t agree more!

what do you make of this…?

lately, i’ve been having wacky dreams.  more specifically, twice in the last couple of weeks, i’ve dreampt about a serial killer.  scary, huh??  i never actually encounter him, but he’s there and he’s stalking me and i’m in a constant state of fear throughout the dream.  even the scenes are creepy.  straight out of a horror film.  booooo.  no thanks.  i’m so glad i get to wake up.

i googled its meaning and here’s what i found…

“to see a killer in your dream, suggests that an essential aspect of your emotions have been cut off. you feel that you are losing your identity and your individuality. alternatively, this dream may represent purification and the healing process. you are standing up for yourself and putting a dramatic end to something.”

true.  true true true.

i’ll spare you my thoughts.  it’s too deep for a monday.

but i wonder…

maybe this is why i dreampt of a serial killer on friday night.

taylor had his friend danny over on friday evening…

they’re always so violent when they play.

shooting, killing, lasering, bombing, destroying, stabbing…geesh!

then they ambushed the camera.


hey, i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!



i’m wearing…
blouse – max studio
belt – thrifted
skirt – vintage
wedges – cathy jean
bracelet – gift from my son, brought back from spain


19 thoughts on “dream weaver

  1. Now, I am jealous of your hair. We have (roughly) the same hair cut and wavy texture. Yours, however, manages to not look like a frizzle puff. Jealous. Also, love that your son buys you jewelry – how thoughtful!

  2. Hey there hottie.
    ummm freaky dream! I once dreamed when I was a kid that chuckie (the evil doll) was trying to kill me and then i saw my body floating down a river…. MOVING ON
    that top is so darling. perfect for hot summer days.
    How do you find time for your shop updates? is it just me who’s extremely lazy in life? maybe…
    Lookin sharp as always and nice etsy badge – im so glad it worked!!!

    • hey veronika!

      so funny you should say that! i think we all look tall a modelesque in our photos! in reality, we’re all just a bunch of shorties. hee hee…

      i guess maybe i should rephrase my thought…i LOVE long skirts, but in this one, i feel like it’s a tad too long and i often don’t like where it hits on my short little legs. i just think a tall girl would ROCK the heck out of this.

      thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  3. I dream about getting killed or stalked most nights.. we could go into detail about that considering the weekend but I’ve been dreaming of people attacking me for years now. Maybe my evil twin is trying to tell me something???

    I need new wiiv before I see you.. my hair will cry if it’s not as long.

  4. whoa, crazy dream. all my dreams are lame, if i even remember them. i love that sheer blouse. and the silly boys fighting and attacking the camera. that happens at my house too :)

  5. Haha! I think kids may be helping you for the nightmares! :) I really like your belts a lot! You look very pretty again!

    And you won’t believe but I had the chance to use a spa this weekend again! :D I can’t believe this either but this is the 3rd time this month and it is just luck :)


  6. The below-knee-length skirt looks so great on you! Skirts that length always make me look smushed so I end up hemming them most of the time. Also, what a crazy dream. I hope you’re able to find some clarity despite those nightmares. And finally, the terror on your face in the last two photos is hilariously contrasted by your sons’ giggles. Too cute :)

  7. WELL that’s kind of a terrifying dream! I read that you only get nightmares when you’re overtired (not positive this is true, but I believe it) so maybe if you just get MORE sleep, it will go away.

    The pics with the boys invading are so cute!!

    xoxo, Ashley

  8. Oh hi. I do not like your scary dream, but you opened the door for me to tell about my dream. Yes you were there. And so was Merl and we were hanging out. It was a much better dream than the ones you’re having. (by the way, are you meeting up when I’m meeting up with Merl? lets talk about this).
    As I understand it, dreams are our brains way of working through our thoughts/feelings from the day. I’d say take some time to relax, calm down, and unwind before bed. Grab a cheery book, some chamomile tea, or zone out to some giggle worthy tv. Get those bad dreams out of your head Paige!
    I am taller than you. And in internet world I look like a shorty and you’re a giant.

  9. you’re 5’3? no way! i’m 5’3… I swear you are taller than me from your photos heehee. I believe you and all, I am just surprised. But this is good to know when I am looking through your etsy shop :)

  10. You’re such a beautiful mom! I really enjoy your blog, how sweet :)) I can’t believe youre 5″3′, you look really tall, and meanwhile you’re as short as me! (but short=good and cute :))
    I think (hope) you will like my blog too, I’d be glad if you checked it out :))

    Can’t wait to hear from you hon!

    PS: Would you consider exchanging blog links? :))

  11. What an awful dream! I dream pretty infrequently, but when I do remember my dreams they tend to be recurrent. Luckily, I’m not prone to nightmares, my dreams just tend to be incredibly weird (a recent dream includes living in a Dali painting and losing my lamb [which I ride to work in my dreams]). Hope you can kick the scary dreams, I know when I do have a nightmare it ruins my entire day – you just feel so off afterwards!

    As for the outfit, I adore the long skirt. I’ve been hunting for one, but I haven’t quite found what I’m looking for.

  12. You’re only 5’3???????????

    You’ve always struck me as SO tall.

    Now I’m gonna have nightmares.

    And I’m sad to hear you say you’re selling the skirt. I like it on you a lot. Especially because in my racist (not really racist, per se) mind there are those few “redhead staple” colors that always look good, and always get heavily played in a redheads arsenal- but I think this soft, icy grey/blue should be the new color. It’s amazing and dreamy and ethereal. Love it.

    Maybe I’ll buy it and give it to you as a gift!

    Also, speaking of terrifying nightmares, have you ever seen this man? (www.thisman.org)


  13. Ok so i think you got into my head… I had a dream i was being chased last night. by some big monster thing… He could talk and I think he was trying to cut me. he was really slow tho cuz he couldnt catch me even tho we were running in circles. my time was running out tho. AND THEN I had a dream that I was wearing some fudgin nice gucci shoes that looked like jeffrey campbell platforms but with purple and grey and oh my. they were mine, they were on my feet.

    i guess it’s monsters and designer shoes or neither? hmmmm tough choice.

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