how she wore it – cayce

since it tends to be aallll about me, aallll the time…i thought i’d switch gears and talk about someone else who is pretty awesome.

plus, i need some good karma points.

you can never have too many.

so go pick up some trash or help an old lady across the street.

remember this dress?
(okay, so it’s about me for one minute…)

it’s a good one.  i almost wanted to keep it, but eh…i figured it was someone else’s turn.

that someone else just so happened to be…

the lovely CAYCE!

she bought the dress from me a few weeks ago and here’s…

how she wore it!

be afraid, girls…be very afraid.

cayce is quite new on the blogging/fashion/style scene, two weeks to be exact, but i have a feeling that if she lets her guard down about posting photos of herself on the internet…she’ll be a household name in no time.

not only are her photos great, but her style is obviously one to admire and take note of.

and she’s sweet and kind and pretty and interesting, too!

if you have a moment, go check out her blog and leave a comment!

go on…don’t be shy.  you were all new once and know how awesome it feels to get your first comment(s)…

*madame joy*

cayce told me that it took her awhile to gather up enough courage to actually start a blog, let alone post “style” photos of herself.  i know that feeling all too well…it is kinda scary!  but i’m glad she started her blog and i can’t wait to see what else is in store!

also, it’s very flattering and blush inducing that i was an inspiration to her (as were other bloggers.)  how cool is that?  i suppose it is a cycle of sorts.  and it’s important to never forget that we all start out with a few posts, maybe one or two comments, maybe 20 hits a week and then…BAM!  all the sudden…you’re famous.  just kidding!

but you get what i’m saying.  all of a sudden you’ve found your niche, your pals, your comfort zone.  and it doesn’t really happen until you realize that you have a voice and others want to hear it.  others who share your thoughts, your idea of style, your love for animals, food, travel, the area that you live in, or the music you listen to.

ahhhh…to be connected.

oh and she said something that totally cracked me up…
“i really hope you don’t think i’m some creepy girl stalking you and your blog!”


silly girl.

little does she know that we’re all stalkers and creepers and i guarantee that merl will be creeping up on cayce in no time flat.

(cayce, merl is adorable and hysterical and a great friend…she’ll always make you laugh and she’s supportive as all get out.)

(merl, you can pay me via paypal for that plug.)

okay lovelies…time to push more paper around on my desk.




12 thoughts on “how she wore it – cayce

  1. Haha Paige you are too cute. and too sweet. That was awesome of you to share her blog with us!
    I still am so excited about every comment I receive.
    I will check this chicky out!

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I think you just like her so much because you are a creep as well. Cayce is going to be pretty unhappy with you when I start getting all up in her bloggity..

  3. you’re too kind!!! thanks paige, for being so cool and inspirational! and thank you ladies for looking and commenting…gets me giddy! :)

  4. Great great post! Oh my! She is lovely! AND HOW DID I MISS THAT DRESS!! just kidding! It looks amazing on both of you, but I am happy she got it so that I can now meet her! Loves me some internet connections!

  5. So.

    Get this.

    I had a dream we were hanging out the other night. I can’t remember if anything interesting happened, but you were there, man.

    I think it means we’re gonna meet in person some day, like in actually real life we’re gonna give eachother a hug kind of shit.

    BTW, found my wedding dress. Yikes!

    Magenta. 3/4 sleeves. mini. wrapped bodice. cowabunga.

    I hope the parents and parents-of-parents don’t freak.

    No. Hope they do. It’s the 2010’s, baby. And I’m diving right in.


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