ugly can be pretty too.

not to be a debbie downer, but i am feeling very detached, dear readers, from my blog.  it’s weird.  i was kinda down in the dumps yesterday and when i got home from work, i didn’t feel like talking about an outfit or posting the outfit i wore to work because quite frankly, i wore black pants and a boring shirt.  boo.  then, i stood among piles and piles of vintage, practically in tears because i need to get it photographed and in the shop soon.  i just felt overwhelmed and…tired of it.  as an aquarius, it is quite natural and normal for me to be really, passionately into something and then BAM! i’m over it.  i just can’t connect…my brain literally shuts down and says, “stop it.  that’s enough.  we’ve reached capacity.”

honestly, i cried.  that’s what i did.  i cried a great cry for about 15 minutes, received words of encouragement from a fantastic friend, and then got right back on track.

i’m still kiiiiinda feeling detached, but i’m present nonetheless.

okay, so!

as most of you already know, i have a vintage clothing “store” on etsy.  to keep it alive and kickin’, i’ve been known to hit up the local thrift stores on a weekly basis.

it takes a lot of patience to weed through racks and racks, sometimes boxes and bins FULL…of shit.  stuff that people stain or ruin or rip and tear, so they give it away.  and because i’m looking for the gems, i have no choice but to dig through it all.

needless to say, every now and then, i come across some real doozies.

case and point…

i know what you’re thinking…paige, if it was so horrible, why the heck did you buy it??  or maybe you see potential, like i did!

either way, i bought it.

it sat in the closet for months until i had a random thought…

wouldn’t it be funny if i HAD to style this monstrosity, post the photos on my blog, mail it to another blogger, then she had to style it and pass it on and so on and so forth…?

i mean come on…anyone can buy a cute dress, add a belt, throw on a pair of socks with her clogs and call it style!  right?  but what if you were asked to style an ugly item that you’d NEVER look twice at??

let it soak in while i share…because this is what put me in a lighter, happier mood last night…

you can’t tell, because i added a new “effect”, but i’m wearing super pink lip gloss and super pink blush.  i was kinda going for the doll look.  ha!

so…what do you think?

are you in?

if another blogger contacts you, you may decline; however, every party has a pooper and i guess it’ll just be you!

oh!  and let us know who you’re choosing, so we can all follow along!

as for me…i choose christina of second skin style!

the only thing we’re each responsible for is shipping.

have fun!  and think of it this way…it’ll be the mother of all remixes!

and ps.  this is not meant to be an “outfit” post.  you can wear it out or wear it around the house.  or only wear it for your photos!



i’m wearing…
red hat – thrifted

crazy blouse – thrifted
vest – local boutique
skinny jeans – see above
shoes – target


38 thoughts on “ugly can be pretty too.

  1. dear paige,
    i feel so bad to hear that you had a rough day yesterday…especially when i just did a post about what a wonderful day i had..but it was all because of YOU! :) eventhough you are feeling overwhelmed, you still managed to make a huge impact on someone else’s day! (this is my attempt at a little “pick me up”)
    and i must say, you look stunning in that crazy blouse! i totally dig your idea!

  2. I’m sorry you had a rough one yesterday. I’m feeling a bit out of sorts myself and sometimes a good cry and pep talk are needed. I think moms are so used to being cheerleaders for everyone else it can be draining on us.

    This shirt is amazing and I thought that before I saw you in it! This outfit = awesome.

    How does one become part of the sisterhood of the traveling blouse? I would love to style it:D

    • hi courtnee! thanks for the kind words. :) you’re out of sorts, too? i think there’s something in the air…hopefully it’ll pass soon.

      i’m happy that you want to participate!! i suppose i’ll have to put together a list of bloggers who want to join ! hmmmm…


  3. Oh, hun. I’m an Aquarius too, so I hear ya. I’m attempting to write a chapter for something important, and at first I was like, “Yippee Freakin’ Skippee,” … now, I can barely think of what I want to say. Errrrg.

    And, I don’t think the blouse is all that “ugly,” but it seems awkward to style; you de-poofed it with the vest (so smart!). I think it’d look cool with ripped up jeans (white ones maybe) and lots of chains/necklaces? But that’s me & Christina will do wonderfully with this challenge.

    I think this is a cool idea for “you fashionbloggers” because I’ve gone from “I’ll never wear X” to “how could I wear X in a cool way?”

    I love your blog!

  4. that is an amazing idea, you look fab btw, and it’s ok to cry once in a while, we’re only humans after all, tahe care and enjoy the rest of the day, xoxo, Jemina







  6. I’m confused. Are we supposed to volunteer to wear this lacy situation? Or am I supposed to just watch you and Christina swap. Or am I supposed to pick someone to switch with orr what.
    I’m sick today, so maybe that’s why I’m confused.

    Don’t be sad. I know what you mean though. Sometimes I feel like this is ‘work’ and an obligation. I don’t like that feeling.

    Also if people are picking I don’t want to feel like the last kid on the sidelines waiting to be on a kickball team.
    ok bye.

    • christina can send it to anyone! it could be you, it could be merl, it could be rumi from fashion toast. basically, if the person who has it, wants to send it to you, she’ll have to email you. you can agree and give her your address or decline and be labeled booooorrrr-rriiiing. so, if you’re interesed, like others are, i will put your name on a list and if someone wants to send it to you, they can. it’s an ongoing thing…no one will be last. it’s not like that. i’m working on setting up a “page” for this. :) stay tuned.

  7. When I saw that blouse my reaction was, “WOW how cute!” Perhaps that makes my taste level questionable, but in any case, it looks great with the vest and skinnies. I feel ya’ on the aquarius thing, I’m the same way. Keep on truckin’ (or something)!

  8. Ok When I saw the first picture I thought it was some cut crop top type shirt… but then i saw the second and realized it was twice as big as i first thought. Oh lordie, i laughed. then i saw the next pic and thought man paige is cute! And altho the shirt is a lil reminiscent of a medieval outfit, I think it’s still a good find.
    I wanna playyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    but does it have to be something we think is strange? Like morgan, im a lil confused to but completely down with whatever it ends up being.

    I think we need to do more clothing swaps. steal the “delightful dozen” idea. Who’s with me!

  9. The fact that you put me before Rumi makes you crazy, but also makes you one of my favorite people period. Ya, I said it outloud: FAVORITE.

    I’m with ‘sweetersalt’… it was love at first site for me and that blouse. So much so, that I might harass Christina into sending it to me next. Threaten her maybe.. in the friendliest way possible.

    Ps. Gimme that hat please and thank you.

  10. Oh Paige, I’m sorry to hear about your crummy day! I can totally relate to the feeling. Sometimes there’s just so much on your plate that it’s overwhelming. Even though I think of my blog like a child (mostly becuase I don’t have any children, or pets, or even a plant…), sometimes it feels like “work.” And that feeling of looming responsibility really overtakes the fun part of blogging at times. Sometimes it’s hard to have a blog, a job, and a life!! I get that!

    As for the blouse – I think this idea is AMAZING! I am always so shocked by the amount of creativity amoung my fellow bloggers and I love to see said creativity put to the test! I’d be giddy to participate, although you didn’t include any size information about the top (I’m pretty well endowed – I’d hate to be the girl that was sent the top and then find out if didn’t fit me – what a buzzkill!!)

  11. oh no i have that same problem too and im a total Aquarius! yikes! it can be really frustrating, like when am i ever going to find something that i can stick with without having the super passionate phase and then the totally not in to it phase. if that makes sense. i still love being an aquarius though and i would never change it! :)

  12. Yes to that outfit and those pics. Look at you.. you pulled
    a totally hilarious post out of a dead brain situation.
    Dead brain situations have become a way of life for me.
    After staring at clothes all day, sometimes i just dont want to talk about em!
    Now get down here for some beets!

  13. Good idea with the swap-a-roo! I think this could get interesting to watch all “you girls” style it over the next little while, would be cool to see it through different seasons too :)

    Hope this does not sound strange, but I find it a massive relief to find that even the ‘big(ger) bloggers’ get discouraged and have shitty days. I have to really work at getting motivated some days. I was so sick of trying to dress for the rain (most of my favourite shoes are suede, boo) that I actually stayed in bed most of yesterday, lurking on the internet, thus staying in my pjs. I did have somewhere else to be, PS! Now I am looking at my outfit feeling bored to death by it even though half of it is new to me. So perhaps my blog will have to wait even longer for an update. Lazy girl.

    Hope you have a lovely day :)

    I’m sorry, I just made this comment all about me. Oopsies.

  14. I’m with miss fashion butter – totally into the top!

    Also, this is such a great idea! You and Christina are two of my faves so I can’t wait to see how this gets styled along the way :)

    Another blogger friend reminded me the other day of the great community that we’re a part of here on the interwebs. Sometimes we get lost in the shuffle, and sometimes we lose our focus, but what’s better than sharing our love for style with other women who dress like rockstars and are constantly reminding us that we do to? Just some food for thought to rejuvinate your cheer :)

  15. Haha!! You are a genius!! I’m totally in if I’m chosen. It’s like the little garden gnome that went around the world!! We’ll have to give it a pet name :)

    Sounds like you got a lot going on, and I hope you find peace and balance in this part of your life. I could probably say a lot more, but since I just started following you, I don’t want to make an ass of myself. I just want you to know that I think your blog and your style is amazing!!

  16. Omg what a fun idea! I love it. I also adore the way you’ve styled this thing; it really reminds me of Sara’s outfit from Labyrinth. Which, admittedly, is pretty cute. ;)

  17. This is one of my favourite posts of yours. Everyone has their ups and downs, and it is hard to keep going at something as at first it is a exciting new adventure, but then it turns into the mundane. But keep it up!

    Also I love how you’ve done a ‘before and after’ type thing, even though you’ve done nothing to the top, just put it with more clothes. And what a success!!

    I would love to be considered to participate, I feel up to the challenge now (however I’m in the UK so understand if you don’t want to post outside the states!) Let me know!

    Anyways, like i said – great post, chin up! x

  18. Brilliant! Way to come up with something fun and interesting that ALSO helps brighten your mood! Love it and actually am totally digging the top.


  19. Ok, I’m sorry for your bad moments but this genius idea just got out of your sad moment, right? I think this game is gonna make me give a second thought on things that I think I don’t like! You’re making a very good thing girl!!! I hope you’re feeling much better by the way!

  20. i love this!!!! you did such a great job with this blouse. sorry it’s taken me like a literal week to check this out. i’ve been such a lazy ass on the computer as of late. but this is like the best idea ever! so fun.

  21. I was directed here from Christina’s blog, and I think that this is a FANTASTIC idea. And I was right with you when I saw that blouse and thought: “cooooool.” I really dig all that lace and poofy sleeves. :)
    I really feel like I know what you’re talking about when you say you’ve been in a tizzying funk of a mood lately– and then when you said it made you feel better to do a fun remix! I know I’ve been there a couple of times… or so.

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