get down on it.

happy thursday!

it appears the 70s and i are cheating on the 80s.

remember when i professed my love for the 80s?  well, the 70s are just as close to my heart.  LOVE 70s fashion/style.

hey so…i don’t really wanna be this girl, but i’m gonna be her anyway…

weardrobe is having a contest that is sponsored by market publique and i really really really wanna win.

all YOU have to do (pretty please!) is sign up over at weardrobe, and “heart” one of my “vintage” looks!

easy as pie!

here are the looks…
modern {desperate} housewife
get down on it

the prizes – a trip to NYC for a photo shoot with market publique and gifts from MP, as well!

so, yeah…if you like one of my looks (or both!) vote for me.  i’d love you for life and be your best friend forever.  (is that even a good deal?  i could offer other things…bribes are not beneath me.)

thank you!!

i’m wearing…
red hat – vintage, thrifted
blouse – thrifted
belt – thrifted
pants – vintage, thrifted
wedges – vintage from etsy

i’m really diggin this red hat, lately.

and no, i didn’t wear it to work.  BUT…i just couldn’t resist playing dress up!

btw…did you know that i have another blog called barefoot & over it?

yup, i do!

i’m selling some of my newer, used clothing at dirt cheap prices.  come take a look!  i’m adding more items tonight!

please and thank you.

i’m so glad it’s almost the weekend!  taylor and i are headed to illinois to stay with my mom and visit friends and family.

we leave saturday.  yay!

haven’t decided if i’m going to blog while i’m there, so i may need guest bloggers.  would anyone be interested?

okay, so let’s recap…

puuuuh-LEASE go vote for my vintage look(s) on weardrobe,

come on over and check out barefoot & over it,

oh!  and let me know if you wanna join the mother of all remixes,

& last, but not least…

don’t forget to visit the shop!

i know,  i know…i’m asking a lot of you.  but i promise not do this very often.  pinky swear.

before i leave you to your thursday…thank you soooo much for all the kind words and encouragement.  i’m still in a funk, but i think going home to be with my family should put a lot of things into perspective.  i appreciate all of you so much and feel thankful that you read my blog!

air kissses,


oh…and…one more thing…

(i couldn’t resist!  my first GIF.)

try not to be too jealous of my fly dance moves.


18 thoughts on “get down on it.

  1. Voted! Good Luck

    I don’t even know how to do guest blog entries but would love to if needed! I love your look, and your hair. ah… Sounds like a love letter :)

  2. hahaha what happened to “i have no desire to learn how to make an animation”? hehe i love it tho! :) i want to see more soon.
    Jeeeez im lost. too many things to do. ill try to do some soon.
    I’d guest blog for you but i dont know where ill be this weekend yet! why is life so hectic??
    I LOVE YOUR RED CHAIR! almost as much as I love the 70s.
    im down for the swap thing. ill go post that after this.
    the enddddddddddddddddd.
    the end.

  3. Hahhahhhahah You look so sexy while dancing! :D Well ok, I think I’ve checked all of them… I wish you a good and relaxing weekend… And you look so so so so beautiful in this outfit!!! So vintage, so 70’s and so beautiful!!! Oh loved so much!!! (how many so did I just use?)

  4. Well Paige, it looks like we’re best friends for life because I definitely voted for you. I mean how could I not, I love those sassy white pants! The truth is, you won me over with your dance moves!

  5. I just created an account and hearted all of your looks :) That was a bribe actually. Now YOU must put me on Mother of all Remixes list!! I would be psyched to participate. You got mad moves girl

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