i love hugs.

random things that make me smile.

…and the fact that i’m leaving for IL tomorrow.  can’t wait to see my mom.  that makes me smile, too!

still in a funk, friends.  i’m hoping that once i get “home”, i’ll be able to relax.

btw…thanks to everyone who “hearted” my look(s) on weardrobe!  i appreciate you.

and if you don’t know what i’m talking about…

weardrobe is having a contest that is sponsored by market publique and i really really really wanna win.

all YOU have to do (pretty please!) is sign up over at weardrobe, and “heart” one of my “vintage” looks!

here are the looks…
modern {desperate} housewife
get down on it

the prizes – a trip to NYC for a photo shoot with market publique and gifts from MP, as well!

so, yeah…if you like one of my looks (or both!) vote for me.  that would be swell.  :)

oh…and one other thing that makes me smile…

cameron of ingenue mom mentioned barefoot & vintage as one of her fave fashion blogs!!  i’m totally honored!  thanks cameron.  i’m really excited to check out your blog, because you’re a mom, too!  i can’t at work though.  for some reason, your site won’t load.

sorry for the lack of fashion.  i just wasn’t in the mood to take photos yesterday.  i hope you’re okay with my cop-out of silly, random photos.

tell me something good…make me smile some more!

happy friday.



*all images from we heart it*


14 thoughts on “i love hugs.

  1. Lexington loves you!!! And she will be full of hugs to give when you get home.
    Better yet?

    Sorry you’re so down in the dumps. Sometimes it’s good to get away from things so you have time to reflect and relax. Take advantage of that!

    I hearted everything so you can come to NYC and hang out.

    • if i win and get to come to NYC…can i stay with you and lua? can i can i huh huh?? how fuuuuuuun would that be? thanks for being a good friend morgan. have a great weekend!

    • thanks, darlin! i’m planning on it. and you…i had no idea how sick you’ve been! :( take care okay? put those feet up and YOU get some rest, too. :)

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW this is cute.
    you dont always have to blog about fashion silly face. i like your pictures. I HEART them. Have a good weekend!

    • thanks seval, you too!…hit up one of those fantastic spas you’re always talking about! and soak in a mud bath for 10 extra long minutes…for me! ;) xo

  3. I bet being home-home will help de-funk you. I set up my weardrobe a while ago but haven’t actually done it yet..I’ll have to head over there to vote for you! Then post a look, finally. Whoops.

    Have a good weekend!

    PS – I finally added you to our blogroll. Becca’s been trying to for ages but had some error message while doing it (she’s the one who usually takes care of the logistics, I’m too busy trying on shoes and making faces at myself in the mirror). But now you’re on there, where we’ve MEANT to have you for a while :)

    • honestly, ashley…that was one of the sweetest comments ever! “where we’ve MEANT to have you for awhile”…totally made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. thank you. :) you and becca are so sweet and genuine. xo paige

  4. Hey thanks for mentioning me! Will you let me know if you’re able to get my site at home? I’ve had a couple of people tell me that they’re having trouble loading my site.

    • i was able to get on from my home computer. i think the one at work has firewalls and things that don’t allow java script or flash-type applications to function properly. anyway, i’ve been packing and busy busy all evening, so i just looked real quick! i promise to tune in on a regular basis when i get home from…home. hee hee. thanks for reading my blog! have a great weekend!

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