look ma…i’m a girl!

so happy to be home!!

how is everyone?  how was your weekend?

i’m looking forward to a week of thrifting, a very special blogger meet up!, lounging in the pool, hanging with high school friends, visiting with the fam…maybe a thunderstorm or two.


feelin’ good people, feelin’ good.

this is my feel good face…

nice.  i’m wearing lip plumper.  two seconds later, i had to wipe it off because it pretty much felt like i’d rubbed 20 red hots on my lips.

of course i put taylor in charge of the camera for the evening…

what i’m not showing you is – photos of a water bottle, the car next to us, the church that we were parked in front of, cornfields, and a picture of me taking a picture of him.  confused?  me too.

anyway, i don’t know if i’ve shared much about my family…?  i was born and raised in central IL.  only child, first grandchild…i like to fancy myself the princess of the group…and they let me think that…i’m on to them.  my mom and dad are both from here, so with the exception of my dad and i (we both migrated to CA), my entire family lives in the same area that they’ve lived in all their lives.  which i think is pretty cool.  my roots are here.  literally.

it’s hard raising my son away from everyone.  i was very, very close to both sets of grandparents and cousins and i wish he knew them better.  what’s also really cool, is that both sets of grandparents are still living.  that’s pretty rare, i think.  (maybe for my age?)  most of my friends have lost one or two already.  i feel very fortunate to have a young family, but time and age is starting to take a toll.  i really must make more of an effort to keep in touch and call on a regular basis.  you should, too!  send your grandma a card!  it would make her day!

this evening, taylor and i met my dad’s side of the family for dinner in a small town called hannah city.  we ate at a restaurant that serves up hearty platters of fried catfish, fried chicken, ribs, mashed potatoes, french fries, and spaghetti.  you’re guaranteed to take home a doggie bag.  (this is also why i brought running shoes.)

during dinner, we got caught up…how’s work?  what’s new?  any trips planned?  how’s so and so or so and so?  the usual.  also, my cousin derek and his fiance are getting married in december (and i happen to be in it), so we discussed the wedding planning, the dress, the food, etc…

after a while, the conversation naturally segued to our childhood and how disillusioned i am about being the princess or angel of the family.

no matter how long it’s been, certain stories or memories are told…
*paige wasn’t girly or prissy at all
*paige used to get so excited about bringing bugs in the house…in jars, cupped in her hand, etc…
*paige never wanted to come inside from playing
*paige loved taking a bath, but forget trying to comb her hair (this one from my grandma).  apparently i used to FREAK out.
*paige was always playing in the dirt
*paige never liked to put a coat on…ever.

hmmmmmmm…i knew i was a tomboy, but geez.  sounds like i was a filthy little brat.

my princess dreams have been shattered.

but look at me now!  i comb my hair (sometimes), wear makeup, bugs gross me out, i have a “style” blog…what’s next?  i’ll start acting like a lady?

don’t hold your breath.

you’ve seen this jumper before.  i’m just wearing it differently.

i’m wearing…
black jumpsuit – local boutique
belt – vintage fabric/table runner

thanks for letting me share!

i hope everyone has a great week.  oh!  and i probably won’t get a chance to read my fave blogs.  the only time i’m planning to get on the computer is to post.  i’ll have a lot of catching up to do when i get home!  :)





10 thoughts on “look ma…i’m a girl!

  1. Paige, you are just too damn cute for words. Sounds like you had a good weekend!!! I love my fam but I can only take them in small amounts every month or so. haha.
    You are lucky you have grandparents! I am 26 and I havent had grandparents in… 5 years maybe? And because my last living grandparents had alzeimers, I never really knew them. I was probably under 12 the last time I had a conversation with any of them. Soooo I hope you enjoy them!! :)

  2. table runner = belt = BRILLIANT & BEAUTIFUL. I love the look of the lace against the black.

    Have fund with your family! I totally relate to your childhood tomboy-ness. I was a total tomboy – didn’t own a purse until college and look at me now! It’s great.

    PS – I NEVER brush my hair. :)

  3. I played in the mud.. hell I even ate it. All while wearing a dress, that I’m pretty sure I slept in. I want to go back to that life lol.

    I’m a little nervous.. good thing I got new wiiv at least I’ll have good hair on Wednesday. xo

  4. I also find it hard raising my daughter away from my family. My family is very tight-knit and it was bad enough before I had my girl. Now it’s even worse.

  5. I love this post! It’s so nice to get a little bit more background on a blogger. That picture of you and your son is absolutely precious. I love it.

    The jumper looks amazing on you and what a great idea to use the lace as a belt! It’s fantastic!

  6. Hey ginger,

    I was a tomboy too:

    -I’d wear my socks for as many days in a row as I could.

    -I played pitcher/catcher with my brothers.

    -I skateboarded.

    And now, I can’t get out of a pair of heels? Funny how shit goes down, ain’t it?

    You can still be a princess, though, okay, Princess?

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