an ocean of corn.

i can’t express enough how happy i am to be home!

the summer heat and humidity, the warm rain showers, the crickets and other bugs that coordinate their symphonies in the dark of the night.  it’s oddly comforting and oh so familiar.

and i love being surrounded by cornfields!  as far as the eye can see…even in the backyard!

i have a very special {blogger} guest visiting me today…

i can’t wait to see her and give her big big hugs.

she needs them.

i’ll be sure to share with you tomorrow, so stay tuned…

ps.  went thrifting yesterday!  found some good stuff.  can’t wait to hit the thrift stores again, this afternoon.

goooooood finds here in the midwest!

hope ya’ll are having a great week.




10 thoughts on “an ocean of corn.

  1. does home = home or does home = where you were going?
    haha im lost. i thought you went somewhere for the weekend but maybe im just slow? k im rambling.

    I LOVE CORNFIELDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. when I was a kid, we used to run through the rows of corn [with ski goggles on because when you are running through a cornfield, you can’t have your eyes open or u get an eyefull of corn stalks] And the cats would run around with us but we would run away from the cats as if they were chasing us. oh man what an adrenaline rush running away from a cat in a cornfield… Yeah I was hardcore.
    When am I visiting you Paige? (altho I don’t even know where you live haha – I just want to play in cornfields with you)

    • dude…come on! i’m “home”. “home”, where i grew up…is IL. home, where i live…is california. i’m “home” right now. :) come visit me in CA!!!!!! oh man, we’d have so much fun. sometimes i already feel like you’re my bff. ;)

      • holy shitskis. California? That is my dream place to visit on this continent and also at the complete other end. Lemme go see how much I gots in muh piggie bank.

  2. I am incredibly jealous of your home-time vacation.

    Even though I live where I grew up (kinda).

    Maybe we’ll be thrifting at the same time today and then our worlds will collide and explode with skittles or something.

    And no mail yet. But you better believe I will let you know as soon as it does.

    Enjoy that corn, girl.


  3. I love these photos! Oh! you look so peaceful and beautiful in that shot! Enjoy your time with Merl! And your corn and your family! I cant wait to hear all about it!

  4. heart your hair and skirt.

    can you even believe what christina did with that shirt. it is pure insanity. she’s pretty darn special. but you are the mastermind behind the whole scheme. so i will give you credit too.

    enjoy your home time!

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