how she wore it – melanie


i’m still having a great time in the land of lincoln…

however, the humidity is so fierce that i can’t put together amazing outfits, let alone put together thoughts that make sense.

humidity makes my hair frizzy, my brain lazy, and all i really wanna do is be naked.

i really gotta hand it to all you midwest bloggers…you always manage to look amazing, despite the weather conditions…i don’t know how you do it.

anyway, because i don’t feel cute at all, i’m going to post photos of a blogger who looks fantastic!

meet melanie of articulatory laziness!

she bought this dress from my etsy shop and recently styled it for her blog.

cute, huh??  love the belt she added!  and those boots look great, too!

check out her blog…i haven’t had a chance to spend a lot of time on it (sorry, melanie!  when i’m back from vacation, i’ll be sure to pay more attention.)

from what i can tell, she’s got great style and makes me wanna wear my cow(girl) boots with everything!

melanie, thanks so much for shopping at barefoot & vintage on etsy…i do hope you come back again, soon.  i’ll be adding new items upon my return!

today, we’re headed to my grandma and grandpa’s house.  they have acres and acres of land, including a lake…so we’re planning to ride 4 wheelers and maybe do a little fishing.  i can’t wait!

also, i hadn’t planned to have any guest bloggers, but one of my faves offered to help out and i just couldn’t say no!

(stay tuned…)




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