the glass is half full.

headed back to california.

happy and sad at the same time.

sad to leave my family and a life of simplicity and love, of knowing where i undoubtedly belong…

happy to go back and make some much-needed changes…i feel a change in the air.

i’ve already made some changes…

i’m trying to be more positive about life and the people around me, i’m trying to give people the benefit of the doubt, i’m realizing that it doesn’t do me any good to get worked up over situations i cannot control…

i’ve outgrown friends who don’t “get me”, but made amazing bonds with people i have yet to meet.

i’ve chosen to remove myself from a relationship that wasn’t positive for either person involved.  which was hard…so hard.

and maybe i’ll revisit those relationships in the future, maybe i won’t.

the paths i’ve travelled down have brought me to the exact place i’m supposed to be.

and for that, i do not have any regrets.

although some decisions are hurting my heart, others are allowing me to move on and be the person i want to be.

debbie downer, yeah?


i just needed to purge some thoughts.

now i feel better.

going home really cleared my head and allowed me to see pieces of the puzzle that weren’t fitting a few weeks ago.

and i’m figuring it out on my own.

that is the biggest feat of all!

isn’t it interesting that just when you think you have your life figured out…another challenge or person or idea changes it all?

ahhhhhh…i like life lessons and changes, as they allow me to grow.

and realizing the lesson, many times after the fact, is a fantastic AH-HA! moment.

and just so you know…i’m still the same paige.  i get heavy, i get bored, i change my hobbies, i change my style, i get cranky, i can be cynical…but i’m never gonna be opposed to wearing my mustache.

see, i’m still silly.



i’m wearing…
tube top – urban
necklace – thrifted

belt – thrifted
skirt – thrifted
sandals – target


16 thoughts on “the glass is half full.

  1. Debbie Downer, no. I think this was optimistically HONEST. Sadness doesn’t equal negativity. It’s just a life truth.

    You sound hopeful, encouraged, enlightened and honest.

    And all while looking fabulous. :)

    Hope everything works out perfectly for you. It sounds like you’re on your way to making that happen.

  2. sorting out relationships and figuring out what works and doesn’t is such a difficult thing. for me it feels like an endless process, but with lots to learn along the way. cheers to you for seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Sometimes we just need space from our lives, to hold it up and examine what is going on and be able to realize what is holding us back or hurting us. Sometimes we just need space so we can simply exhale and move on. And then sometimes, we just need to wear a mustache.

    I cannot wait to see where your life takes you next.

  4. I find that weeding through relationships has the best outcome. As you meet new people, you grow and learn what matters and what doesn’t matter anymore.

    You drift away from your current relationships and let new ones into your life. I’m not saying that it’s ok to replace your friends, but it’s inevitable. Some people are better left out of your life.

    PS. Haircut? Looks great! If not, I love whatever it is you did with your hair :)

    • you’re right and i’m totally getting rid of the peeps i don’t need. it feels great, actually!

      anyway, nope…haven’t had a haircut, really…although, i did get it trimmed before my trip last week…so thank you!!! :)

  5. Not Debbie Downer at all. Sometimes coming to realizations about relationships (no matter how difficult it is to get there) can be one of the most refreshing and happiest sort activities.

    This outfit looks so carefree having done all that deep reflection! So Kudos to you! :)

  6. I’m glad your travel to home helped you to make some decisions… Some will be difficult, for some you’ll be very sad or not, I don’t know but I hope/wish/know from heart that you’ll be much better and stronger soon… You’re one of the sweetest people I’ve got to know… (And I liked the way you wore that skirt and top)

  7. I really love this post. I’m really glad that you are able to see the glass half full because it can be so hard sometimes!

    And I really love those mustaches. My baby brother and I love to take silly pictures with them on! haha

  8. It’s not fair when so many other people comment so eloquently before me. I’m left going “ya..what they said” although today it’s not my fault since ive already been up for 14 hours and it’s only 5 pm here..

    I will say that you are a beautiful person inside and out and are somebody I can definitely look up to. (DEFinitely) your son is lucky he has such a smart sassy mom.

  9. your outfit is fabulous :-)
    good luck with your life changes, all the bumps along the way will only make you more stronger and courageous

  10. Debbie Downer? No! I just wanted to say that posts like these, seeing how people handle the various things life throws at them (even with the vagaries that come with blogging in a public forum), are so valuable. There are a few ladies out there, yourself included, who I would definitely call role-models, despite only knowing about a tiny snippet of your lives through your blog, but gosh, the sincerity and positivity and openness is really just such an inspiration to me. No pressure though :) I like you all cos you are just so real.

    PS love the moustaches.

    PPS hmm you are from Cali. I know it’s a big state, but do you have any ideas of how to spend 2 days in LA? It’s where I fly into when I come to the USA and I’m at a loss, it’s never been on my to-go list :S

  11. I just love your outfit! So cute and cool and Californian. I also just started following your blog recently and love it and let me just say, you have some amazing arms and from what I can tell are really fit! Congrats. I’m working on getting back into the swing of it…

    woops, rambling. HI, I’m Kelly and I comment on my favorite blogs late at night and say too much.


  12. I love your honesty and your openess. I too am going through one of those changes where life is telling me that something has to give. I’m glad you are doing well and are staying positive. The summer in the midwest is always good for your soul!!!

  13. The mustache looks fantastic on you!!! I love how the color looks with your hair!!

    Haha! Great post. I love you more for it. I got into an accident a while back and decided that I would rather have no friends than shitty ones that didn’t give a crap about me. So since then, I’ve been lonely, but slowly building some pretty powerful relationships that I’m proud of. I wish you the best and hope soon you feel at peace with your decisions. :)

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