young love. gives me heartburn.

on monday afternoon, my son and i had this conversation…

taylor:  mommy, there’s some new kids at summer camp.
me:  oh really?  boys or girls?  are they in your grade?
taylor:  yeah…a girl.
me:  what’s her name?
taylor:  (kinda irritated) i don’t rememberrrrrrrr.
me:  oh okay.  is she cute?
please note:  i’m only asking him this question to push his buttons.  usually, he rolls his eyes at me and says, “NO! geez, mom.”
taylor:  yeah…she is.
me:  (stunned silence)

fast forward to tuesday morning…

taylor wants to put gel in his hair.

it’s gotta be because of this little tart at school…

and i have to admit, he looks handsome and there’s a spring in his step.


i pick him up from camp last night and one of the first things he says to me is…

“that girl i told you about?  her name is kathy.  we call her katty.”

mmmm hmmmm…at least they’re not calling her kitty cat.

anyway, a couple of hours later we’re sitting down to dinner and he says,

“kathy says there’s a new pokemon game coming out.”

oh great, not only has he brought her up twice this evening, but now they have something in common!

so i say:  do you and kathy spend a lot of time together at camp?
taylor:  kinda.
me:  oh.  do you like her?
taylor:  yeah (big grin)
me:  you DO?!  does she like you?
taylor:  well, yeah…i think so.
me:  what does she look like?
taylor:  she has braces, blonde hair (he likes blondes) and green eyes.

what?!  he noticed her eye color?!

ladies…promise not to laugh?

cuz i gotta admit…

this exchange with my 9-year-old (soon to be 10-year-old 5th grader)…brought tears to my eyes.  i’m not kidding.

my little man likes a girl.

she doesn’t have cooties and she’s not gross.  i mean, he likes her!

like, he thinks she’s cute and stuff.

oh man.

i don’t know if i’m ready for all this adolescent/teenage stuff.  we’re not quite there, but i’m not stupid…i watch dateline…i know what goes on in grade school these days.

i think i should meet this “katty”.

i’ll keep you posted, okay?


i have a feeling the janitor’s daughter is a lot like the preacher’s daughter.

i gotta go to my happy place…let’s talk about vintage!

on my lunch break yesterday, i headed over to my fave little thrift store.


look at what i found!

not going in the shop yet, though.

i like to hoard my finds and pet them and stare at them for a couple of weeks before i decide when or if they’re going into the shop.

HOWEVER, since i love my readers so much…if you see something you like, i would consider making an exception.

let me know!

talk to ya later.



i’m wearing…
blouse – vintage, thrifted (also worn here
necklace – vintage, thrifted
scarf as belt – vintage, thrifted
skirt – bcbg
shoes – don’t remember


34 thoughts on “young love. gives me heartburn.

  1. I am soooo scared to have kinds, im gonna live in the woods with no tv or internet, I swear. I turned out ok (i think) but kids these days are so fast forward! anyways enough of that, i dont want to freak you out. I feel it’s just important to talk to kids.

    Moving on… I may be in love with that stripe dress you found. Let me know if u decide to sell her.

    Last but not least, you are rocking this outfit, that scarf just gives the right punch!

  2. my 2.5yo son told me last night that he is no longer a baby, but a big boy (he wanted me to stop brushing his hair). i cannot imagine this conversation….i am crying while reading this.

    uhm, would you sell that red dress? i kinda love it.

    • awwwww…sad! :( but they’re so cute when they get all independent.

      anyway, yes! if you’re interested in that awesome red dress…i’ll totally put it in the shop and let you know!

  3. Seriously one of the best mom posts ever. My daughter is only three but I’m terrified of the day she likes a boy. Ugh. I laughed out loud when you called her a tart. :)

    Your outfit is fabulous, I love the light shirt with the black skirt and the patterned belt in between.

  4. That is so sweet! Have you met her yet? Just remember, he’s only 9 still. But in the future, what a lucky daughter-in-law you’ll have!

  5. This post was too funny! It reminded me of when I was in fourth grade and engaged to be married.

    It is totally weird though… my cousin is about the same age as your son, and his “girlfriend” used to go to all his track meets and yell “Run like the wind, Nathan!” and commenced swooning. Ugh.

    On a different, less creepy note- your thrifting finds are really cute! Part of me is really drawn towards the striped sweater number in the top right hand corner… but it strikes me as one of those pieces that would need to be tried on before purchase.


    • haha! kids are so cute. i mean, scary…but cute.

      so yeah, the sweater dress is fabulous! i think it’ll be perfect for fall/winter. with boots…so cute and mod!

  6. haha! that is so funny, my son always gets crushes on older women. so far that’s been cool cuz none of them want such a little kid as a boyfriend. but i do worry about the day that he finds some cougar who wants to be his ‘teacher.’ gah! i can’t believe how young they are when they start that crap. it’s crazy!

  7. Your outfit is perfect! You look Gorgeous, those thrift finds are amazing and your story makes my heart burn a little too! I know that he is 5 years older than grant but I know how fast those years are going to go! Awe! Its cute and sweet and sad at the same time. Mile stone.

  8. Haha awww that’s so cute! Definitely keep us posted! And I am verrrry interested in the black and white striped dress. How much would you be selling it for?
    ^After I typed that, I remembered I’m not buying clothes for a month. But I could make an exception for vintage right? =[ wahhhh


  9. Hahahahaha “…this tart” god I love you. How cute that you’re little man is growing up! You know how boys are usually so scared of meeting the dad?? Pretty sure you’re gonna be feared by the little tarts. Gotta make sure they are good enough for Taylor right? At least you’ll tell yourself that as you stare holes through their mini skirts and low cut tops.. At least she has braces. No matter how old these kids are acting, braces will put a hold on most of that.. ;)

    • your comment made me smile so much, today! i will be pretty tough on the young tarts…if any of them are slutty mcsluttertons, i’ll frost em right out of the house! ;) braces…ugh…i shudder.

  10. Oh gosh that is so gorgeous! I’m pretty far off from having children at the moment but I’d def be happy with cool boys like him! What a champ :) And I LOVE that sailor dress, it is fantastic.

  11. First, thank you for wearing these today, you gave me a good idea, I’m gonna wear the same tomorrow :D Second, you look gorgeous in these! Third, oh I’ve just realized that my 10 year-old niece (may be they should meet, your son looks like a nice guy :D ) must have things like that too! Oh how will I make her talk?! I should find a way :D Oh and I liked that striped dress!!! What do you think? :)

    • which one, seval? the black and white striped dress?

      and you’re so cute…”your son looks like a nice guy” hahaha! thanks…he is!

      • Haha yeah, I thought saying that would be funny :D of course he’s nice, he’s your son! :D Yeah, in fact I liked the black and white striped dress, I have one navy+white but it’s way too short to wear in the city, this looks much better… (and sorry, I was just focused on that striped one, and didn’t realized the other striped :D)

  12. hahahaha
    “but i’m not stupid…i watch dateline”

    Chastity belt.

    I like your finds! But I think they’ve been claimed already. You and I are fighting because you stole a skirt from me before I knew you. That’s right.

  13. Aww that is too cute! What a moment, you’ll have to show him this post in 10 years :)

    Great finds today, too! Love the striped one. And your wavy hair looks beautiful!


  14. I like how your outfit is monochromatic at the top, then goes into classic black and white and finally black… not a combination I would have thought of, but it looks great!

    • oh, seval!!!! you’re too kind!! i’m so glad i could inspire you. as you know, i can’t comment on blogs at work, so i wanted to reply to you right away…the post is awesome and you look fantastic in the outfit you put together. love the blouse! and you totally made it yours. :) have a wonderful weekend, my dear. xo

  15. Oh my gosssshhhh best story ever!!!! hahaha. aw. My boyfriends niece is the same age but as far as I know, and have squeezed out, she’s not to that “liking” boys thing… haha.

    Adorable outfit and I want that black dress with the cream/redstripes business! Or the nautical one… ohhh but the black one looks nice too!

    haha ;)

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