no outfit post today!

instead, i’ve decided to share some of the vintage items i found on my trip back to the midwest!

like the items i posted yesterday, i’m not sure what’s going in the shop, but if you guys like certain things…i’ll add them sooner.

plus…a few of the finds are fall inspired…it’s not too early to start building your fall wardrobe!!

so without further adieu…

any interest?  let me know!

oh and i kinda wanna pick your brain about something…

i’m thinking about changing the name of the blog.  i’d keep the etsy shop as barefoot & vintage, though…

and the domain name would stay the same, as well.

i’m still brainstorming, but what do you think about…

pa(i)ges of style


turn the pa(i)ge…a style story

do you like either of those?

or should i keep thinking??

tell me the truth!  i promise you won’t hurt my feelings.

pinky swear.

thank you…can’t wait to hear what you think!

i’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit post…




10 thoughts on “goodies.

  1. On a long and lonesome highway
    East of Omaha
    You can listen to the engine
    Moanin’ out his one note song
    You can think about the woman
    Or the girl you knew the night before
    But your thoughts will soon be wandering
    The way they always do
    When you’re ridin’ sixteen hours
    And there’s nothin’ much to do
    And you don’t feel much like ridin’,
    You just wish the trip was through

    Here I am
    On the road again
    There I am
    Up on the stage
    Here I go
    Playin’ star again
    There I go
    Turn the page

    Sorry I couldn’t help it. All I can think about is that Bob Seger song! (heart it!)
    So my point? I think these names are awesome! But why do you want to change it? AND are you gonna regret it down the line? I can’t think of why, since you are keeping your etsy store the same. For me I would just be worried about branding (depends how far you want to take this whole blog thing) Cuz maybe it doesnt matter but maybe down the line you will think oh shit I should have kept everything the same to build a name for myself.
    [I can’t help myself, I’m in marketing and I design logos and come up with brand names at work so I think about these things]
    For example, I started buying off etsy about 3 years ago, I made up a username relevant to the email address i started in college (ur_momm@[…]) so since I wanted to keep my good feedback, I started my shop with the same account and now my shop address is
    hahaha not too fun. But I didnt think about that then.

    Now you arent making a dumb decision like I did but I just feel I should warn you that name changes can sometimes affect things. Oooooof! Sorry for the novel and I really do LOVE the names, they are awesome!

    p.s. You’ve been finding a lot of vintage gold lady! good job. I can’t wait to see you in some of these :)

  2. Love both names, but I too am a marketing drone and would express some slight concern over branding. But, do what feels right!

    ADORE that pink confection of a nightie / dress, and I don’t even love pink. Amaze.

  3. i’m sort of in love with the both plaid dresses and the laura ashley skirt.

    i love the name of your blog! but, change can be good. i also like pa(i)ges of style:)

  4. I like paiges of style, but I like Barefoot & Vintage too. AND I LOVE The orange tunic so SO SO much. Sorry, thats all I got tonight. I chat with you tomorrow I am sure!

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