well hello there, friday.

how nice of you to join us…

’bout time.

(these plants need some tlc.)

as you can see…i don’t really have much to say today.

i can’t figure it out.

literally, there are no words.  my mind is blank!


i can tell  you about my weekend…

tonight – photographing a shit ton of items for the shop.  hopefully i’ll have it updated by sunday.
saturday – call me crazy, but i’m going into the office.  they offered overtime and mama needs a new pair of shoes.  cha.ching.
afterwards, i’m headed down to san diego until sunday…to hang with my dad and stepmom.  looking forward to getting away and relaxing.

and you?  big plans?  what’s the haps?

i’m wearing…
cardigan – urban outfitters
striped crop tank – thrifted
necklace – thrifted
scarf/belt – urban outfitters (from 3 or 4 years ago)
skirt – vintage, thrifted
wedges – vintage, etsy

two things…

1.  i’ve decided that i love this skirt so much, why not style it at least once a week?  it’s just so versatile.  and since i’m not ready for a major remix challenge…this will help me get my feet wet.

2.  for those of you who think that long skirts are unflattering…you’re wrong.  long skirts are the new black, so get one and try it out.  and if you’re still unsure…read my suggestions on how to wear them, here.

just my 2 cents.  haha!  literally.  get it…because i said “two things”…?

anyway, i wish you all a wonderful weekend!



oh wait!  i added two new items to the shop this week.

vintage navy blue polka dot dress

vintage black and white polka dot shirt dress – SOLD! to the adorable courtnee of my moments of whimsy!  thanks, lady!!  i can’t wait to see how you wear it!

until tomorrow (7/31), if you purchase one of these dresses, i will throw in the accessory that is shown with it!

the vintage scarf with the navy blue dress and the vintage apron with the shirtdress!

thanks for looking!


14 thoughts on “blank

  1. Paige, you are such a beautiful lady. You look amazing in these photos. And I love your outfit. AND I meant to tweet (that the right term) you yesterday saying that we need to be neighbours so u can drag me to the gym.
    my hiney needs work.
    Have a super weekend! (I will be enjoying some scottish festivities at highland games tonight/tomorrow – Im so pumped)

  2. i have a skirt the same length i’ve been dying to wear! time to bust it out!!!!

    also – paige, i just read your tips for long skirts and am SHOCKED you are a shoooorty like me! from your photos you seem to be super tall, leggy and modelesque! i’m always thinking “paige is so tall, i couldnt pull that off”

    thanks for giving us vertically challenged folks a good name! :D

  3. so pretty! i’m really loving the longer lengths in skirts and dresses lately. i can’t wait to wear my new dress:)

    have a fantastic time this weekend.

  4. i’d love to try the long skirt trend but they all hit me in the bad place. you know, my calves are literally bigger than my thighs so i don’t much care for wearing a skirt that hits me at that widest part of my leg. you and megan from another day to dress up wear the long skirts like it’s your job and you look so freakin fantastic while doing it. makes me a bit jealous to tell the truth. anyway, keep wearing those lovely skirts and dresses because if i can’t do it then i want you to. make me proud!

  5. Hey lady! So funny my post today is totally BLANK, just some pics! My brain is fried from trying to do a write up and research for a show at a vintage shop tonight for my Examiner thing, and going through 800 photos for 15 new listings! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  6. Ah, I totally know what you feel about not having much to say. I’m quite drained myself. You look phenomenal, though. I love the length of that skirt!

  7. I’m sorry Paige, but I read your post on how to wear a long skirt but I just don’t believe you! You look good in them and apparently you’re an inch short then me (you don’t look short, in photos), but there is absolutely NO WAY I would look good in a skirt this long. I think your tips are def helpful…but I would look short, stumpy and matronly. Which, just FYI, is NOT what I wanted to be when I grew up.

    I like how you styled your long skirt, the scarf as belt is a really nice touch!

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