1 skirt, 3 ways. and more.


assuming that you noticed, i apologize for yesterday’s absence.

i returned home from san diego pretty late on sunday night and didn’t feel much like blogging.

sometimes we need a break, yeah?

i had a great weekend…champagne and thai food saturday night (after a loooong drive and hideous traffic), a great run on sunday morning, a few changes made to the blog, new items in the shop, and then dinner with good friends.  it was so worth a total of 5 hours in the car for one night and one day with my family.

speaking of changes to the blog…did you see them?!  new banner, new profile pic, new etsy shop logo/button…

click on it!  it’ll take you straight on over to barefoot & vintage on etsy.

like i said, i added a few new items, so now you have an excuse to go look.

*wink wink*

for those of you who entered my giveaway…thank you!  but more importantly, i wanted to let you know that it’s been great reading your favorite inspirational quotes, lyrics, etc…

i realize it’s not the typical “add me to your twitter/bloglovin/googleconnect/facebook” giveaway strategy…

but those get old.  besides!  who can’t benefit from an uplifting, positive quote??

so, if you haven’t already…go HERE for deets and to enter my giveaway!

i’m wearing…
“chambray” button up – mossimo, target
skirt – thrifted
hat – borrowed
purse – vintage coach
sandals – local boutique

one more thing before i go.

i am pretty much in love with this skirt, but i’ve had my fun with it…


i’m selling it.

it’s in the shop, available for purchase!

other new items…




13 thoughts on “1 skirt, 3 ways. and more.

  1. red! you’re lookin HAWT. light blue is totally your color.
    I love your giveaway idea. It bugs me beyond belief when you have to go vote for something to be entered in a giveaway. One blog in particular that I won’t name, for their giveaways, they tell you to go vote for them on a top baby site to be entered for the giveaway.
    This makes me sooooo angry. Shouldnt people vote for your site to be the top baby blog because your site is the top baby blog, not because it gives them a chance to win something? makes me soooo mad.
    Sorry im venting here. point is, this is so much better. We all need a little inspiration some times :)

  2. i LOVE the new look! its fantastic!!!!

    great styling all three ways with that skirt! i’m also a fan of having your way with an item and then sending it back out into the universe for someone else to enjoy :D

  3. i did notice you were gone! i was just thinking about it and then i saw your smiling face in my google reader. and i love how you wear your skirts up so high. it looks so amazingly awesome. and i see that you’ve put some rad looking pants in your shop. i may have to go and take a look around.

  4. I really cannot keep up with all of these blog entries! Amazing. I really am liking that photo spot. Wait, my pea brain missed the give away. I need to go back and look for it.
    Wanna do a necklace give away?

  5. I liked the simplicity and coolness of the header, it looks very nice… Not as cool as yourself of course :) And I liked your profile picture too, very much! Your bag looks just so beautiful that I’m nearly jealous, but just nearly :) I loved your last outfit photo a lot, you look very relaxed, which I can wish for you… xoxo

  6. Ah ha! I see what you mean about a similar little get-up.

    Brilliant!! It looks fantastic!

    And I dunno about you, but after I wore that outfit I thought, “yeah, I could wear that everyday. Fo. Sho.”

    Too bad I can’t.

    Well, I could.

    But that would make for a really boring blog, and really boring life in general.

    Also, I haven’t entered your giveaway because I feel like I don’t really have an inspirational quote that I truly find that inspirational. I don’t want to google some random quote and be like, “Oh yah- Dali Lama was TOTALLY right. I TOTALLY agree. I’ll piggy-back on his idea.”

    I feel weird about it.



  7. Skirt is seriously cute…but I can’t stop staring at the blouse. I love how its tied. I know its such a simple little detail but I really really like it knotted in the front like that!

    Ok, you silly girl, thanks so much for stopping by my blog…and you can “ramble-on” anytime you want…I tend to do it quite frequently. i too am sorry I didn’t comment on your blog sooner, I see your name all over blogland as well, and now I’m kicking myself for not checking out who this “barefootandvintage” was sooner. But now I’m hooked!
    (but really, my name is NOT all over the blogosphere, I don’t know what you’re talking about :) I’m such a NOBODY in this world of blogs…but thanks for making me feel “cool”)
    have a good weekend!

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