horses and whatnot

i love scarves.

i wear them as belts, i’ve worn them as what i call a “modified suspender”, christina has worn them as tube tops…and of course, you can wear them in the more traditional ways, as well!

if you’re a thrifter, you know that vintage scarves are abundant and inexpensive in the thrift stores.

here’s one i found recently, at a garage sale, for one dollar.

yes.  cheap.

the fabric is very thin, it’s large, and it has an awesome print of horses and whatnot…definitely one of a kind.

i don’t know about you, but i’m totally diggin this scarf as a bolero/capelet/shawl thingy…

what do you think??

i mean, how often are you wearing a dress and you need something to keep your shoulders cozy, but a jacket is too bulky, a cardi is too long or casual, and that lace shawl is just too outdated and granny-like…

mmmmm hmmmm…me too!

so when i started messing around with the scarf and came up with this look…i thought it was fun and i had to share it with my stylish friends!

no brainer.

the only thing is…it may not look good with every dress, but try it out!  let me know what you think!

oh and…

i’ve provided a video to show you how i tied it.


[VIMEO 13869030]

sorry about the loud windy noise and the sirens!  haha!  i should have added music or something, but i’m just not that advanced.

also, i did have a funny one…complete with me chomping my gum like a maniac (i’m never chewing gum around people again), getting spooked because i thought my neighbor was creeping, the beeping of a large truck backing up, and me laughing at myself because i couldn’t get ahold of the scarf.

ahhh..i’m only human, what can i say?

thanks for tuning in.

ps…today is the last day to enter my giveaway!!  you have until 4pm (pacific).

good luck!



i’m wearing…
vintage scarf – garage sale
dress – local boutique
wedges – vintage, etsy


21 thoughts on “horses and whatnot

  1. Oh, you look so sweet!!! I’d love to see more videos! :D I couldn’t listen, cause I’m at work but, that’s a good thing as far as I understood! :) Oh you can also wear it as a bigger bolero, making the knot on your back, not front? But this looked great, and first I thought you’re wearing 2 scarves and said “yes, she loooves scarves” :D then realized it’s the same… The scarf is so sweet too, these colors look very beautiful on you by the way!

  2. THAT is GENIUS!!! I’ve thought of trying to wear my scarf similarly but couldn’t for the life of me figure out how it would work – so thanks for the demonstration!

    The video is ADORABLE! You should do more of those! :)

  3. YES i love it! this is another idea i will be stealing from you, hehe! your video is ADORABLE!!!!!!

    ps – my long skirt photos will be up tomorrowww :)

  4. i love horses. and, i love scarves. i have ‘the one’ that i wear too frequently.
    um, is it wrong that i thought the mother of all remixes link above was a link to you doing the dance from earlier. consider me bummed out. i need to scroll back and find that thing again!! hee.

  5. Oh my God… that is too awesome. I’ve never thought about doing that with a scarf, but will definitely have to try it out sometime since it looks so cute!

  6. you are a scarf genius! love how you come up with new ways to wear them. i love this! perfect to keep the chill off when wearing a strapless dress or whatever. you are such a smarty pants!

  7. That looks so cool! I have a bajillion scarves too and would love to try this. I worry it would inhibit your range of motion in your arms, though…did you feel tied up?

    • hi natasha! thanks for visiting my blog. :)

      honestly, yeah…it was a bit tight. i’m sure you could adjust it though, so that it allowed for more movement.

      another blogger suggested crossing it in the back and tying it in the back as well. (instead of tying it in the front)

      try that!

  8. Ok that’s it we totally need to live closer – I have (and I’m not even exaggerating) over 20 vintage hermes scarves that my MIL gave me, and I never know how to wear them. I think i’m now going to play dressups in my wardrobe with all your ideas… you’re such a genius hun :)

  9. aww you look like the nicest person in this video. not that i thought you were anything but, but yeah heehee.

    also that is a FABULOUS idea and come spring I shall be blatantly copying you but providing full credit so that’s not plagiarism right?

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