giveaway results!

i’m so excited to announce the winner of my giveaway!

(i used, but i wasn’t sure how to make the little widget thingy.  i can assure you though…there was no cheating involved.)

geez paige, get on with it already!

okay okay…

drumroll pleeeeeeease!

the winner is…

jennifer of little daily inspirations!!

jennifer, thanks for entering!

you win a $20 credit to the barefoot & vintage shop on etsy
a special surprise gift!

here are jennifer’s quotes…

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Your boots may be for walking. But mine are in case I need to kick your ass.

haha!  aren’t those great?!

and because alll the quotes were equally amazing, i had choose 4 other winners!

ashley of free honey style
desiree of distinctly desiree
heather of one girl in a grown up world
clare of between laundry days

yay, ladies!!

all of you win a $10 credit to the shop!

your credit can be used at any time, but please enter the word inspiration at checkout, so i know you won the giveaway.

thanks so much to everyone who entered.  i’ve read over the quotes several times…some have made me laugh, others have allowed me to reflect…but all of them were inspirational and smart.

that’s all i got today.

i was so tired last night…too tired to edit photos and write up a post.

also too tired to focus on reading and commenting on my fave blogs.  i’ve been trying to get to it all week.  i’m so far behind…





3 thoughts on “giveaway results!

  1. Ekk, so excited! And feeling so lucky, there were soo many good quotes in there that are going in the quote book… hmmm, now just to shop, haha! Thanks, and great idea on quotes for entry, i like it!

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