inspired by: jemina

i’m inspired by fashion/style bloggers (floggers?) everyday.

from mixing prints and crazy layering, to connecting on a personal level…there’s always something (or someone!) new to be discovered.

i think it’s safe to say that we get ideas from each other on a regular basis.  trends, looks…we’re all wearing the same things, it just translates differently from person to person.

sometimes i’m so inspired by a particular look or style, i have to try it asap!

more recently, i was perusing jemina’s blog and stumbled upon this photo…

*more photos here*

instantly, i fell in love with the print and the colors.

THEN…i fell for the sheer blouse over the dress.

genius.  i’d never thought to do that!!  sure…cardigans, jackets, scarves…but never a blouse.

jemina, thanks for the inspiration!

here’s my version…

i’m wearing…
dress – urban outfitters
blouse – urban outfitters
belt – vintage, thrifted
shoes – report, nordstrom

don’t forget to visit jemina’s blog!  her outfits are always so stylish and unique and she’s super sweet and friendly.  say hello!  she won’t bite!

ps.  i’m planning to do this “inspired by” thing a couple times a month…stay tuned!






20 thoughts on “inspired by: jemina

  1. I love the idea too, it’s so funny that you picked this look, because I was feeling ultra inspired by it too. Unfortunately I don’t have a sheer blouse that this would work with. Looks like I’m playing some dress up in my own closet this weekend!

  2. Beautiful! I love this idea. I really like your take on it with the cream blouse.

    I just realized that I have a sheer black blouse and I totally need to try this!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh well, I think you’ve translated it so well that I’m totally in love with your combination!!! Wonderful colors! Of course with a great idea!!!

  4. I love when I see unexpected outfits people are wearing on their blogs and I think “what a great idea, I wonder how they thought of that!” That’s why I love blogs; the ones I enjoy reading the most are so creative; it’s refreshing to share the blogosphere with creative people instead of looking to magazines for the same trite stuff celebrities wear. I like to get my inspiration from people who are like me! This outfit is so pretty; I adore that blouse.

  5. I’m a huge fan of this inspired by idea. And I think you’re totally right we’re always ripping off / inspired by each other. I think it goes beyond just the way we dress and that I get inspired by the way people blog and how they view their lives.

    Also I like that you’re giving direct credit to your very inspired looks. Bueno.

  6. I found this blog from another blog I read, and will now head out to see the one you’ve recommended. Funny how you find the best stuff that way eh?

    I really love this idea. I have a couple sheer tops and no idea how to really wear them. I love your styling of it <3

  7. You’ve totally inspired me!! I have a few of these sheer blouses that also left me befuddled. I’m doing this remix tomorrow and naming you as the benefactor :)

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