early birds.

this outfit is entirely thrifted.

i’m wearing…
blouse – thrifted, vintage
tank – thrifted
skirt – thrifted, vintage
boots – thrifted, vintage 9 west (score!)

i have a confession to make…

i didn’t actually wear this out…anywhere.  not even to the mailbox or over to 7 eleven for a cup of coffee.

gasp!  i know…

i woke up pretty early on saturday to hit up some garage sales (yes, i know…i was supposed to be on a thrifting freeze, but i have an evil twin that i haven’t told you about and she’s the one who spends all our money, eats all the oreos in one sitting, dances drunk on the bar, hits the snooze button three times every morning, and has road rage.)  she is a pain in the ass.

anyway, i planned to wear this outfit, but as i walked down the carpeted stairs and onto the smooth tile of the kitchen floor, i damn near fell on my ass.  and if you’re a garage sale-goer, you know slippery bottomed shoes just won’t do.  in order to get to the 50 cent reader’s digest books, vhs copies of cocoon, kitschy lawn ornaments, and silver frames…you have to wear a good rubber soled shoe that will allow you to run past and shove through all the old biddies.

(i actually bought 4 reader’s digest books.  they’re VINTAGE!  don’t judge.)

dude, honestly, hardcore garage sale folks are looney tunes.

my first stop was an estate sale.  what is it about a garage or driveway full of cheap crap and used goods, that cause manners to disappear and grown adults to act like pigs fighting to get to the trough?

true story about the estate sale…

a van pulls up, a woman jumps out, she’s got her game face on.
no joke, she scans the contents of the garage, then asks about the furniture for sale in the house…when they tell her she has to be escorted in, she scoffs under her breath, heads back to the van and says (in a snotty tone), “glad i wasted my time on this one.”


lady…what were you expecting?

funny thing is, she wasn’t the only person who made snarky, rude comments about the contents of the sale.

early birds aren’t effin around, okay?

you better have your best shit out or else.

moral of the story.  garage sale-ing is a sport.  before the adventure…you better eat your wheaties, do some stretches, stock up on hand sanitizer, and be prepared to get in a cat fight over a bruce springstein cassette tape or milk glass vase.

cuz it’s bananas.

ps.  i’m thinking about putting the skirt in the shop.

anyone interested?

let me know.

oh!  and don’t forget about the discount i’m offering!

20% OFF WITH CODE “MOUSEVOX” (at checkout)

happy tuesday.




13 thoughts on “early birds.

  1. I always love the people who want to buy what isn’t for sale. “How much for the table?” “Oh, that’s not for sale, it’s just holding up a pile of crap.” “I’ll give you $10.” “No… sir.”

  2. Proud of you with the no wear, but worn outfit. And now you have a complete outfit on deck for the next appropriate occasion. You’ve already done all the planning.
    When I come, can you teach me how to thrift? Or sew? Or some other really important life skill? Thank you.

  3. Often, this my dilemma of ‘do I or don’t I’ when it comes to having my own garage sale. It’s one thing to subject yourself to these people in the sport of scoring a few good finds, but to invite them over? I’m certain I’m not up to the task of this level of self-inflicted punishment. Great outfit though!

  4. not only do i love those boots – what a steal! ah, the thrill of the hunt, it pays off sometimes!

    my two staples i take with me when thrifting/hittin sales: bottle of water and lots of hand sanitizer!!! can’t live without them.

  5. Obviously I love your post.. but the laugh that shot diet pepsi into my nose was ms ‘sweetersalt’ comment about the table.. “No…sir” hahahahaha.

  6. You look so cute – those boots rock. I actually have the same slippery issues with my vintage boots. I think it’s the leather soles. or maybe they’re cursed – not sure. but they’re cute so it’s worth it.

    Meanwhile, I never knew garage sales could be so competitive!!

  7. I love this post! Do you remember the early-birds at my garage sale?! I wanted to sleep an extra hour so was hiding from them as they were snooping through the window to see when we’d start selling stuff. Oh, or the man who thought I meant I had collector’s coins – when I was really just trying to be funny and say I had a handful of change to sell.


  8. Hilarious! I’ve really been wanting to go garage sale-ing lately. But I keep forgetting come Saturday morning! Also, I think we have the same evil twin. Only I have an alarm clock that can’t be snoozed.

    Love this outfit too. The skirt IS great. I’m having a “buy nothing August” or I might be interested. I have a real soft spot for floral skirts!

  9. Paigeeeeeeeeeeee. I was gonna comment this morning then I thought oh shit what if she’s made at me?? but u wrote me and u still love me. But now I CAN guest post, I hope you didnt fill up the slot, I feel bad, Im such a horrible reader, I skip lines and words and all kinds of stuff in my haste to read. I swear, I have ADD on top of my horrible impatience.
    I never get up early enough to have to deal with crazy early bird garage salers.
    I do hate crazy thrifters… “are you gonna buy that?” “yeah that’s why it’s in my hands…” UGH

  10. Haha, I can’t believe that woman would be upset to be escorted. wth? This look is so sweet. Even though everyone seems to be doing stripes with floral, your mix really stands out. Definitely the best I’ve seen.

  11. Ha! That’s hilarious; I had no idea people were so hardcore about garage sales! It kinda makes me want to get up early and scout some out. Do you look for ads in the paper before you go, or do you just kind of drive around and find them along the way? I’ve done both, with little luck. Maybe I need to go early and brave the crazies!

    Also, I’m in love with that skirt! If I had money, and if I thought it would fit me, I would so buy it. But sadly I am sorely broke.

  12. Hahaha!! It’s like Walmart at 5 am on Black Friday!! You have the prettiest hair and eyeballs, I swear. Oh and I stole your look today, just like I said I would :) :) :)

  13. That skirt is great! What size is it approximately? I seem to have a thing about buying the clothes off your back like that AMAZING floral blazer that I have yet to style and send you pictures of because it’s been SO hot here. I find that with any shoes that are slippery and have leather soles the best thing to do is rub sandpaper on them. I know it sounds ridiculous but I did it with my cowboy boots and it helped immensely.

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