and the fun continues…

my little crusade to put the pretty back in ugly is moving along quite nicely!

have you been keeping tabs?


allow me to bring you up to speed…

i found this ugly/pretty blouse at goodwill and experienced an odd force that made me buy it.  there was something about it.  it wasn’t even in a “section” like blouses or jackets…it was hanging at the end of the rack in a sea of men’s shirts.

admit it, you kinda like it.

anyway, i brought it home, put it in the shop and couldn’t sell it.

but i had an idea!  what if i tried to style this thing, posted the photos on my blog, then sent it to another blogger to style and post on her blog and then she had to mail to another blogger and so on and so forth…?

i just wanted to get everyone involved!

and so far…so good.

i started us out…

more photos here.

next, the blouse made its way to christina of second skin style

ah-mazing.  more photos here.

and more recently, it was prettied up by zoe of haiku ambulance

also amazing.  more photos here.

next up, the blouse travels to merl of clydes rebirth.  stay tuned!

and expect to see this blouse make it’s merry way to the following bloggers at some point…

annebeth of the styling dutchman
emily of tomorrow never knows fashion
morgan of morgan and lua
courtnee of my moments of whimsy
cayce of madame joy
shannon of dirty hair halo
lisa of archives
priscilla of urban rhetoric
annie of room for thought
megan of transmission me
faith of  ton petit chou
mel of idee geniale
rach of ordinarily urbane
annie of time enough for drums
amanda and jayme of miskabelle vintage
morgan of stylocrat
yelena of style my happiness

if you’d like to join, please read the deets here and send me an email or leave a comment.

remember…ugly can be pretty too.




14 thoughts on “and the fun continues…

  1. Sign me up!

    I actually really like the blouse, and I love how Zoe tamed those puffy sleeves by strapping them down in that last photo.

  2. Paige, I noticed that you’re header doesn’t seem to be linked to your blog homepage. I am not sure if it is *meant* to but cos that seems to be the norm I thought I’d mention it in case you didn’t know!

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