little. yellow. sticky.

something you should know about me…

i’m forgetful and absentminded and even though i make lists, i forget about them and often find yellow sticky notes stuck in random places.  in the pages of a book, on the floor of my car, in my wallet, stuck to the back of another list…

ultimately, this causes the opposite of organization.  i end up overwhelmed and unnecessarily stressed.

i stress myself out.  who does that?!  i do.

my point is this…

i need to set my priorities for the week and stick with it.  (no pun intended.)

as i mentioned before, taylor starts school in a few weeks and i like to keep him on a pretty strict schedule.  when we have a schedule, things run smoothly.  when things run smoothly, mommy is happy.

so something has to give…i can’t possibly bust my ass every day after work to get home, take photos, edit them, and write a post…all in between homework, dinner, going for a run, or any other necessary errands and house stuff.

i’m sure most of you can’t relate (to the kid thing) and that’s okay!  we all get busy though, with or without kids.  i’m not more busy because i have a little one, i just don’t have as many hours in the day for blogging and picture-taking.  pout.

all that being said, i may not have time to post daily outfits once school starts.  morgan said it’s okay.  she said maybe i can just do weekend outfit posts.  morgan also said that the stucco background is very fashion forward and that all the biggest fashion photographers and models should start using it as their background and name paige/barefoot & vintage as their inspiration.

okay, she didn’t say that last part.

but she did say this…

“stucco IS fashion.”
-morgan of morgan and lua.

morgan – please note that i moved to a different area of my “yard”.  the stucco has a more rustic feel, if you will.

i guess i’m just hoping (when i cut back) that i won’t lose any of you.  i’d like to think that my regular followers like me for me and not just because i have undeniably amazing style and wear like…the coolest, most sought after, vintage items. and i’m modest and down to earth to boot.

on the other hand (i’m about to name drop again),  merl calls me paige “false alarm” pitzer.  which simply means, i say all this now because i’m preparing everyone for worst case scenario.  in reality, i probably won’t stop posting every day and all of this will have been for nothing.

possibly just to keep you on your jeffrey campbell toes.

i think you get what i’m saying.  it’s more about me not stretching myself too thin.  after all, my blog/my shop is supposed to be my hobby.  the minute it starts feeling like a chore, is the minute i need to step away.

how do you juggle work, school, kids, husbands, boyfriends, friends, blogging, outfits, etc??  because sticky notes aren’t working for me…

thanks for your continued support…i appreciate you all!

ps.  i’m retiring the skirt.  i’ve worn it here, here and here.



i’m wearing…
vintage scarf (shocker) – found at a garage sale
shirt – local boutique
belt – thrifted
skirt – thrifted, vintage
wedges – etsy, vintage


26 thoughts on “little. yellow. sticky.

  1. totally diggin the more rustic side of your stucco. very cool with the little window. and i just want you to know, i’ll still be around no matter what. as long as you continue to wear the most sought after vintage and you don’t start getting a big head about all your fame and what not :) but you know, we get that people are busy and this isn’t most of our full time job. life gets in the way of blogging all to easily. but we think you are way cool. just so you know.

  2. I think we share a brain. except my half is the half without a kid?
    Hmmm not sure how that works.
    Ive been struggling a LOT lately with dealing with everything.
    [work + 3 hours a day just for my commute to and from | school – 5 hours a week | homework and exams | etsy shop | blog | life] holy macaroni. it’s not easy.
    I’m the same way with lists, I make them then leave them at home or leave them at work… i enjoy making lists they just don’t do much good when they are lost or forgotten.
    I have no magic solution but I try to NOT ignore everything till it blows up. this doesnt usually happen but I think it would help if I did it…
    Just gotta sit down and think about things and try to get them organized literally or mentally.
    Am I making any sense? My life is crazy but I wouldnt have it any other way and I feel maybe you see it that way too. Who wants a boring/easy life? (ok maybe SOME days I do)
    Im not sure if this is helping at all but I hope so.

  3. If I don’t have time to post, I just don’t. Or if I have a thought but no pictures, I just write a little something. Or sometimes, sometimes, if I’m really prepared, before I get too busy, I’ll line up a couple posts in advance. Maybe it costs me readers, maybe it doesn’t; but it’s my blog, my space. If I started it for me, I need to make sure that I don’t let it dictate me and my schedule.

    You’ll figure out a new schedule. As much as we’d all like the blog world to be our real world sometimes, that’s just not how life is. And we’ll all understand. Promise! :)

  4. My one advice about cutting back on weekday blogging is to not fill your blog up with random inspiration photos when you aren’t able to post. I love seeing where a blogger’s inspiration comes from, I just don’t like seeing it every single day, every single post. Now that I’ve written that, I don’t even really think you’ll be the type of blogger to do that, haha. That being said, I’d rather see one or two real/quality posts a couple times a week than seven rushed ones. Wow, was the rambling?

    Also, I like the stucco. I’ve tried to get out and take photos in different places but most of the time I just don’t have the time or energy. I read on Mel’s (Idée Géniale) blog once that she takes her photos in the same spot everyday in order to not take away from the outfit because she wants that to be the focus. I like that train of thought.

    One more thing since I’m totally rambling. How on earth do you have the most perfect hair ever?! It kinda make me hate you. Ok, ok not really at all – it just makes me completely envious!

  5. Paige, I just love your posts. I agree, so hard to find a balance and I can only imagine how tough it is with kids! My nieces (5 and 7) just came to Greece last Friday and surprised us with a visit. Just having them here has really kept me from having as much time as I would like to devote to my blog, so I can only imagine hope stretched you are with your little one for time when it comes to blogging. Don’t be too hard on yourself, do what you can when you can and don’t forget that we heart you!

    Something that helps me is having posts cued up … I write a few when I have some spare time and only post them when I have no time!



  6. I know exactly how you feel.

    I do have a daughter and I work full time (10 hour days, Monday – Thursday, then I have Fridays with my daughter) and I’m trying to build a blog from the ground up, so I’m doing as much as I can to read and respond and grow readership and oh, I’m so tired.

    I’m trying to give myself a break when I just can’t do it all. I mentioned it in one of my other posts and Christina (Second Skin Style Christina) commented saying that it shouldn’t feel like a second job. Once it does, that takes all of the fun out of it. She’s totally right and sometimes I do feel like I’m working two jobs, except that one of them takes all my time from my daughter and doesn’t pay me in return! :)

    My point of reference is that my daughter and my husband come first. They need to know that they are the most important pieces of my life and if the blog suffers, I can’t focus on that. I blog when I have some spare time and do my reading/commenting time then too, or when my daughter is sleeping or engrossed in Aladdin for the 34th time in a day.

    I adore your blog because I love your simple, laid-back style of writing. You come across as very real, very sweet, very down-to-earth and I adore your style. You’re very inspiring and if you have to cut back to just a few posts a week, I will still continue to follow and read your blog!

    You just focus on what’s most important to you, what makes you the happiest and what you feel makes the best use of your time. Your fabulous enough that the rest of us will take whatever we can get that you’re willing to post! :)

  7. I’ll still be around. :)

    And I understand the tug and pull of wanting to maintain your blog and keep up with other bloggers while still doing what’s best for your family and your health and sanity. Sometimes something’s gotta give and your true followers will be around when you come back.

    When I was pregnant and when my daughter was young I took almost a year off with a few random posts every once in awhile that weren’t outfit related. And I still had followers when I came back. And they weren’t my parents. I couldn’t believe it.

    • ha! i knew what you meant. and i love that you left another comment to let me know that. something i would do. even if i spelled a word wrong…

      • Hehe. I often correct myself with follow up comments. I’m too quick on the trigger and hit submit before I sort out my thoughts.

  8. Sticky notes don’t work for me either. I am that person who writes a grocery list and leaves it in the car. I know exactly how you feel.

    I also have a child, husband, full time job, gym hobby.

    Its hard, the weekdays are tough. I am trying to get my boss to let me work just ONE day from home I feel as though that would help make me feel not so rushed through life.

    I will stick around wtih you, afterall there are always archives we can fall back on if we start missing you too much ; )

  9. I don’t use sticky notes, I like to juggle balls. (that’s what she saiiidddd!). I have lists and notes all up in my head and most of them get done. I don’t know how it works for me but it does, although sometimes little ones slip through the cracks.

    Paige, this is your blog. Who cares if “Snoberina from What I Wore in a Vintage Store on Tuesday Whimsy” posts outfits that she doesn’t even wear outside her apartment… every day? That’s because she doesn’t have a real job, or kids, and her husband, boyfriend, partner, parents etc brings home enough bacon for her to wear knee socks and a romper from the 80s around the house and dream about fairies and wood nymphs and shit. And nothing bad ever happens to Snoberina because she is a damn wet blanket and isn’t a real person anyways. Snoberina doesn’t get stressed out, her kids don’t get sick, and she is just magical.

    Life happens, and can definitely get in the way of our hobbies and even our goals. I am definitely learning that this year with being flooded out of my house, having to move, being homeless for a month and living out of a single suitcase, and then getting laid off from my job a month later. Your audience and readers should understand that, and if they don’t then they can go follow one of those bloggers who has their head up in the clouds.

    Freedom baby, this is yours, not your readers. :)


    I said, that you should take plenty of weekend shots that will hold you over throughout the week. That’s my usual game plan anyway. My daily work clothes are way too boring to share.

    I want to see all your daring leather corset outfits you were telling me about. The night on the town, the movies and wine, the estate sale outing outfits. That’s the good stuff.

    And, yes I will still follow and read everyday, even if you’re not posting everyday.

    Ok, fine, the stucco is strutting its stuff in these.

    How good do all these comments make you feel??

  11. no daily post? GAH, i’m leaving for good.

    KIDDING – never.

    lady, i dont know how you do it! your blog is super awesome, and no – it shouldn’t feel like a chore. this should be a fun outlet for you, not a taxing obligation. spend as much time with your little one as you can! we’ll be here :)

    as far as the stucco backround goes – i have yet to venture outside my house for a single outfit shot! respect.

  12. I absolutely cannot manage time so i don’t have much advice to give, sorry.
    On another note. i love your blog & your pictures so i’m not going anywhere. :)


  13. Paige, Morgan is right – stucco is uberchic – but also, you don’t need to post every day! I’ll for sure still be around no matter how often you post… we like you :) meanwhile, I totally get how hard it is to balance life, blogging and store stuff. I’m lucky right now, because my kids nap at the same time in the arvo, giving me a solid 2 hours to myself… when that ends, I for sure won’t have enough time to blog every day either. Do what you need to do hun!

  14. Hey, everyone needs to take a break from certain activities in order to give other ones priority. There’s nothing wrong with leaving your blog for a bit to focus on family and other things! Meanwhile, I’ll still be a follower, and will look forward to your posts when they crop up. :)

  15. I just discovered this fun to do list maker: I want it for my blackberry (which they don’t have yet) but apparently it’s up and running for iPhone users and for your computer. I’m a sticky note person at heart but it drives my boyfriend crazy. I’m trying to make a change, we’ll see if it sticks (no pun intended).

  16. You always find the best scarves!! This is beautiful! And a happy life is priority number 1..always! I will miss my daily dose of Paige + stucco wall but will still be here for the weekends if that is what’s best for you!

    How do I balance? I stay up way too late. WAY too late. It’s not the best idea but it works for now.

    I support you in whatever you choose to do! As long as we still get some Paige in our lives :) xo

  17. I love your outfit! Actually, I love all of them. You definitely won’t lose me as a follower! I honstly don’t mind how often bloggers post outfits. I completely understand that people have busy schedules. I say at least one outfit a week will make me happy :)

  18. we were on the same page yesterday! man.

    i think the biggest problem is this lack of schedule. i’m actually looking forward to school starting because it’ll give me more time to sit in my boring classes and plan for things rather than not planning and trying to do. also, it’s totally the hot weather and another season coming to an end. it all gets exhausting after a while! i know if we took breaks from blogging, we’d be back real quick. good luck getting everything in place and thanks to relating to the kankle problem!

    ps I love the stucco!

  19. Even if I have the blogs on my google reader, everyday I check some blogs: Second Skin, Ideé Géniale, Monochromachic, Barefoot and Vintage. I’m not supposed to do this at work but I do read. I read your posts, I like reading your posts, besides, you’re way too beautiful and inspirational… And no need to say that down to earth and a very kind friend. I think you don’t need to be worried about losing some of the readers cause as far as I saw, many people comments and talks a lot here! :D No, I just like to know that you’re around, but seriously, don’t make these like obligations, it has no fun then… Love!

  20. Hello, I’m Becca and I’m a fellow disorganized sticky not addict who puts too much pressure on herself in all aspects of life. We have a club, it meets on Tuesdays. I’d tell you to write that down, but we all know the post-it will be long lost before next Tuesday.

    Don’t worry, I’m going to keep reading even if you only post once a month. When I read, I always feel like I know you and like you’re talking just to ME. I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment. So post every hour, every week, or every month. Doesn’t matter. Blogging should be for you. So only post as much as you can and want. And, I know it’s so easy to get caught up in the numbers game (I’m guilty as hell on that one), but it doesn’t really matter. Not to get too morbid, but it’s not going to read on your tombstone “Here lies Paige, she had 457 unique visitors to her blog on August 13, 2010.” Being a mom comes first! So if people stay, they stay, if they leave good riddance.

  21. just a note: i am SO sad that i missed the mini-sailor dress while getting my drink on in cali. so sad.

    i have been thinking a lot about the direction of my (teeny tiny) blog and how i will be able to balance it all when school starts. being wife/mommy/educator, sept. 1st essentially means the beginning of the end. what to do, what to do?

    but i think that people who are excited/supportive/kind to you will do so, regardless of your frequency of posts. and really? your blog is a reflection of you irl.

    another note: i am so sad i missed you on my ca trip. really and truly sad.


  22. It’s not the frequency of your posts that makes your blog such a good read, it’s what you post about. I don’t think you should stress about your upkeep, I think that would take away from the fun you have blogging. Anyways, what’s the point of a stressful hobby? You have the rest of your life to stress about, haha. I’ll keep reading, regardless!

    I’m also a bg post-it note kind of girl, but I always thought that meant I was organized…very distressed to find out that my extensive post-iting actually means I’m disorganized. Crap.

    xoxo, Ashley

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