relisted & reduced – an etsy update.

1. vintage white eyelet sleeve day dress – relisted!
2. vintage taupe floral drop waist dress – relisted/reduced from $26 to $20!
80s cobalt blue day dress – relisted/reduced from $26 to $20!
80s nautical mini dress – relisted/reduced from $32 to $26!
5. 60s purple plaid mod mini dress – relisted!

just a little teaser of the new (relisted) items, recently added to the shop.

stay tuned!  there’s more to come.

and remember – 20% OFF WITH CODE “MOUSEVOX”!

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thanks for looking!




7 thoughts on “relisted & reduced – an etsy update.

  1. can i just tell you how i’ve been looking for a dress like that cobalt blue one? well i have for a while. it’s in my favorites and i might just be making a purchase. i love the sleeves and the skirt. you think it would fit me? i do. love it. and yes the cramps FINALLY went away :) whew, this was a bad one!

  2. Want to hear something exiting? Well I don’t really care if you do because I am going to tell you anyways… READY?

    I now have Sundays off!!! Which means that we need to plan a meet up ASAP.

    • ahhhhhh! yes! let’s def plan something soon! i love newport and i’m always up for heading down that way. send me a text or an email and we’ll figure it out. i’m really free on the weekends these days…i’ll explain more later.

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