new new new! an etsy update.

vintage 70s disco maxi dress
velvet and ruffles black vintage dress – SOLD!

vintage dark stripey day dress
80s body con dress
vintage albert nipon petites jumper dress – SOLD!

vintage mustard yellow crocheted shift dress – SOLD!
vintage 70s cranberry dots day dress
vintage 50s vicky vaughn peachy orange shirt dress – i wore this dress HERE! – SOLD!

happy sunday, friends!

i wanted to let you know that there are several new items in the shop this weekend…

i’ve provided links to the items that are currently for sale, so go check them out!

the other 7 pieces in this post will be added to the shop later today or this evening.

if you like an item, but it’s not available yet…  let me know!  i’d be more than happy to reserve it for you.

don’t forget about the discount i’m offering!

**offer only good until the end of august**

alright, sorry to make this so short, but i’m headed to the ventura swap meet and flea market!!  fingers crossed that i come across some good vintage finds!

later gators.




5 thoughts on “new new new! an etsy update.

  1. Good luck at the markets! Just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about my discount to your shop but I’m moving in less then 2 weeks so I don’t want to order anything until I do since I might then have to stalk my old mailroom to reclaim it!

    xoxo, Ashley

  2. oh noooooooo! i bought the black dress and forgot that you were going to put that red dress up for sale. ok, i need to count my pennies. sadness to me.


  3. I love the orange dress, that you wore in an earlier post.
    Good luck at the markets.
    There’s a flea market about two miles away from my campus, I really need to get up and go one day.


  4. I am WAY behind on all of these postings.
    I love that crazy maxi dress!! LOVE! send it to me.. I will pay pal ya!
    in the land of Las Vegas! You should be here!
    In your absence, the Paige bikini shop was a huge hit with all retailers this week.

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