baby’s 1st fart

i had a fabulous weekend!

friday night – cut my own bangs (thanks for the courage christina!)…then photos, editing, and a shop update.
saturday – slept in.  drank lots of coffee while blog reading, tv watching, and more shop updating…followed by a nap.  got off my lazy ass around 3 and went for a 4.5 mile hike/trail run (thanks for getting me out of my funk, steph!).  after said run, needed a bean and cheese burrito from my fave mexican place.  got home, rinsed the stink off me, watched diane keaton movies on lifetime, then crawled into bed.
sunday – up early for thrifting in ventura with my good friend aimee (had so much fun, huge!).  we ate breakfast at a quaint little french bistro, did some more thrifting, then headed home to laundry, house chores and more posting.  oh and more lifetime movies.  in bed before 11.  rare.

maybe not the most event-filled weekend, but i enjoyed it!

anyway, aimee and i came across a rad antique store while thrifting.  i didn’t buy anything (too expensive), but i did take some photos.

a blog friend recently inquired, “what do you do on the weekends?”

well, since WrW and i broke up, i’ve stayed close to home.  typically, i’m a homebody.  unless i have a reason to leave, i don’t.  as much as i love exploring, going to concerts, hiking, hanging out with friends, etc and whatnot….

i’m easily amused and entertained, so i’m good at home…even on the couch, with a book or a cheesy horror flick on syfy.

on weekends that i have my son, we either head down to san diego to hang with my dad and stepmom, or we stay close to home…usually watching episodes of spongebob squarepants (our fave) or maybe going to dinner and a movie.  occasionally, he spends the night at his best bud’s house.

so yeah, that’s about it!  as i said, i’m a homebody at heart.  i do love road trips though!  i’m contemplating going on a solo weekend road trip.  hmmmmmmm…i’ll keep you posted.

how do you spend your weekends?

ps.  there are many new items in the shop!!  and don’t forget the 20% off discount with code mousevox!
(i’m adding 3 more items this evening.)

happy monday!




10 thoughts on “baby’s 1st fart

  1. Best. Blog. Title. Ever.

    And I love the bottle. That’s fantastic. That looks like such a great store!

    Weekends…weekends are always filled with something. Someone is always whining that they don’t get to see our daughter enough so we’re expected to hand-deliver her (and ourselves, usually) to them. I’d love to just stay home for a weekend. But then I’d be required to come up with some way to entertain a three year old for days. That’s a daunting thought.

  2. i adore ridiculous little antique shops like that, so much fun. typically i too am a home body, doing really exciting things like drinking two glasses of wine on a friday night and passing out on the couch in front of “say yes to the dress” on tlc. i’m a wild woman i tell ya. however, this past saturday night i actually went out a’ drankin’ which took it out of my old bones. such an old lady at heart.

  3. sounds like an awesome weekend!!!!

    i’m a total homebody, too! my weekends are spent savoring homemade breakfasts, thrifting, posting, watching tv. domestic!

    did you get the shirt yet??? xo

  4. Your weekend sounds so FUN, and I and my kids love Spongebob Squarepants too, our favourite, and can I please join you on your road trip? he he he

    Sending you LOVE Hugs and Kisses Paige

  5. Where’s the pic of the new bangs? :)
    I’m a single mom too, so the weekends my son is with his dad sound like yours (and sweetersalt’s 2 glasses of wine and passing out on the couch), and the weekends he’s with me are spent around the house, at the park or zoo, or running errands. Exciting stuff, huh?

  6. Sounds like a pretty delightful weekend to me! Sometimes on the weekend I have total Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. I can’t decide if I want to be a party animal or a cuddly homebody. This weekend I was both. I ended up with such a hangover on Saturday that I spent the rest of my day cuddled in bed watching episodes of Lost, reading blogs, and wearing a heinous t-shirt that I wouldn’t be caught dead in outside of my house (it’s softness is a redeeming quality).

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