on a roll….

i added these fabulous trousers to the shop last night!

off white, peach, navy blue

and this skirt was relisted and reduced…from $32 to $18!

more tomorrow.  lots more.

come on over to the shop and check out all the new additions!

and don’t forget the 20% discount with code MOUSEVOX.

ps.  i’m going out of town wednesday evening and won’t be returning until sunday.  aside from the shop updates, you probably won’t hear much from me.

i did however, want to leave you with this…

and btw…those are my freshly, self-cut bangs!  not bad, eh?  probably doesn’t look like much to you, but it was a big freaking deal to me!  although, now i’m kinda obsessed and i’ve been snipping here and there since friday afternoon.  (perfectionist at heart.)  it’s like that eyebrow plucking thing that some girls get into…they pluck so much, they end up with no eyebrows at all and have to draw them in!

i hope i don’t have to draw my bangs on my forehead…





13 thoughts on “on a roll….

  1. They look really good! I am growing out my bangs, partly because I could never be happy with them and I am just awful at trimming them myself.

    But, being a person with a for real unibrow, I defend the right to obsessively pluck.

  2. Nice job! As a bang-wearin-lady (sounds dirtier than it is) I know how it is. I’ve been doing it for years (since the 7th grade actually – i had bangs WAY before they were cool) and I pretty much have it down. It tends to leave tiny little hairs all over the bathroom, which my fiancee just LOVES (lie), but all in the name of good hair.


  3. I really would love if you drew bangs on your forehead.

    And I can’t believe I forgot you were going out of town!!! Bad friend! That’s why you had so much to do. Ugh. EXCITEMENT for you.

    Ok bye! Call me the wholeeeeee time!!!

  4. Nice bang job! As someone who had bangs for years, cutting them yourself is both a blessing and a curse. You can do it whenever you feel the need, but I found myself trimming mine almost constantly…just a bit here and there.

    Yours loo great tho! Don’t let me discourage you..I might just be a wee OCD.

    xoxo, Ashley

  5. The bangs are looking good! In South Africa we call it fringe. So weird how we use different words for the same thing! I was just telling my boyfriend last night that we’d probably get very confused if we were to visit the States!

    Love the additions to the shop!

  6. rebecca woolf of girl’s gone child posted a tutorial on cutting bangs and i’ve been doing my own ever since. it was addicting at first! now, i iust trim when they get in my eyes too much. your’s look great!

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