new items and a promise

(click on photo sets to see a larger view)

sleeveless blouse – SOLD!
rose print blouse
red polka dot blouse

vintage gray skirt
cotton jumpsuit
teal and black floral print dress

new on tuesday!

new on wednesday!

surprise, surprise…new items in the shop.  come take a peek.

i hope everyone had a lovely weekend…I certainly had an amazing time on my little trip to nevada.  *big grin*

sorry to make this so short, but i’m trying to play catch up at work.  i promise to have more content this week.

thanks for sticking around while i focus on other things.



oh!  ps…don’t forget about the 20% OFF with code MOUSEVOX.
offer only good until the end of this month!!!


5 thoughts on “new items and a promise

  1. Welcome back my dear. I hope to see pictures of ur mini vacay :) oh and GOOD JOB on all the shop updates, you are making me want to get off my ass and get some items up in the shop.

  2. Um unfair of you to tease me with that pink dress when it doesn’t hit the store until tomorrow! What size is it. I need to know if I should get my clicking finger ready!

  3. have fun playing catch up at work. i am doing something similar, only my work is uni, before i leave, cos i managed to not do any work all of august cos i’ve been thinking about my trip.

    speaking of which, i will be in nevada this sunday, heehee, words cannot express how weird/exciting it feels to be saying that! also… i am in LA this friday and saturday (again, weird/exciting) so if you have any recommendations about must do/go’s which aren’t touristly obvious i’d appreciate it! or if you were free to meet for coffee/lunch/drink or random something or other, it would be cool to try and work something out (but i understand people have lives outside their blog so don’t worry if you’re busy!)

    • i would love to see you! if i don’t have my son this weekend (i’m not sure yet), let’s plan to meet in santa monica for coffee or something! i apologize for not writing back in response to your email, but i don’t want to half ass my reply to you. you know? i want to be able to sit down and really tell you what i think. and maybe share some of my own experiences. :) i’ll be in touch, dear! have a safe flight into the states!

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